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The Homeopathic Way to Cure a Sore Throat

The Doctors Health Press looks at remedies for pharyngitis (sore throat) so if you have one that is a dark shade of red, accompanied by fever, drips with saliva, or is worse for warm drinks, you may just find the remedy to bring relief.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Sharma says, “An effective homeopathic treatment can save you from surgeons knife…” He discusses four homeopathic remedies which, when symptoms match, help carpel tunnel syndrome. Two of them are illustrated with the story of a retired army Colonel.


Placebo? What placebo!

Homeopathy works just as well for animals as it does for people. Read about Katie, a lab who had a terrible time with itching. She would scratch until she bled and keep the entire family awake at night, and had a huge appetite, eating twice as much as other dogs.

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Severed Nerves Regrow

This study explores how homeopathy stimulates the regrowth of severed or damaged nerves. However there is no need to use rats! We have a long history of knowledge already collected from willing human participants.

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My Baby’s Having a Baby

Two South Yorkshire grandmothers tell of being with their daughters as they gave birth to their own children. In one of these, the birthing process was helped with homeopathy.


Options for Liver Disease

The liver is a sturdy organ which fights infections, removes toxins, helps our blood to clot, produces bile to break down fats, and more. When it’s damaged, conventional and homeopathic approaches are available. This article offers a comparison.


Homeopathy Timeline

Homeopathy was not a “once in a lifetime” discovery. It’s effects and phenomenon were slowly unravelled by its founder over many decades. Those who followed made minor contributions but core principles remain unchanged. Dr Malik provides an excellent timeline of its development.


Scarlet Fever: What Can Homeopathy Do?

Scarlet fever is caused by the same streptococcus bacteria that causes strep throat. Remedies used from the earliest days of homeopathy have treated and prevented its rash, swollen glands, and fever.

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