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Potassium bichromate crystals

Know Your Remedies: Kalium bichromicum (Kali-bi.)

Common Names: Kali-bich; potassium bichromate; potassium dichromate. Vials of Kalium bichromicum (Kali-bi.) 30C pills are currently on special for AU$5.00 – but only until midnight, Monday, 30th January, 2017 (UTC/GMT …


Gastro-oesophageal Reflux

Reflux into the oesophagus causes pain, cough, and difficult swallowing. Homeopathy offers a safe and side-effect free approach for this condition. As just two examples, think of Pulsatilla when the heartburn is worse after rich, fatty foods, or Nux vomica when it’s brought on by stress, alcohol or spicy foods.


Homeopathy Overview by Veterinary Doctors

Veterinary doctors who use homeopathy say they like it because it works, is cost-effective and easy to administer, non-addictive, doesn’t clash with other medicines, and has no negative effects on the animals or the produce.


Research: Spider for a Cow?

A homeopathic remedy prepared from a Tarentula cubensis spider, has been effective in controlling foot and mouth disease of cattle. Western countries currently slaughter animals with this disease so it looks as though homeopathy offers a more gentle and inexpensive alternative.

Hypericum - 1

Know Your Remedies: Hypericum perforatum (Hyper.)

Common Names: Hypericum; St John’s Wort. General Information Hypericum perforatum (Hyper.) is especially useful for injuries to nerve-rich areas such as fingers, toes, and the spine (especially the coccyx). It …

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Constitutional Remedies

A constitutionally prescribed remedy matches the patient’s overall sensitivities and symptoms. It helps their system centre itself to best deal with past, present and future challenges rather than just self-limiting acute problems.

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Homeopathy for Child Development

It’s a holistic approach that reduces behavioural problems and leads to better responses during therapy. It’s also safe during pregnancy as it won’t hurt the developing baby.


Homeopathy for Croup

Is your child prone to croup? Think of Aconite for a dry, hoarse, croupy cough that’s worse at night, or Belladonna for sudden croupy coughs with laryngitis. These and other ‘croup” remedies should have a place in every family’s home medicine cabinet.


UK: Review of Veterinary Homeopathy

The BAHVS says of the guidance review: “As it stands at the moment the royal college supports us, and we have no reason to think that will change.”

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