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Remedies for Breastfeeding

“Homeopathy will greatly help mothers with nursing and breastfeeding difficulties… including mastitis, painful nipples and a slow milk supply” says this doctor.

Flawed Homeopathy Report

Conventional doctors and scientists in denial? Surely not, but that’s exactly what appears to have happened with the highly irregular NHMRC Report. Homeopaths now want it corrected.

66 Books on Homeopathy

Fast-track your homeopathic learning with 66 downloadable books by doctors, homeopaths, and professors. Uncover interesting facts, explore cases, ponder philosophy, & more.

A Case of Fright and Eczema

“It feels like a balloon growing inside me that will pop.” Homeopathy helped Frederik, a 7yr old boy, with frightful dreams, severe anxiety, and eczema.

Homeopathy for Colds

The remedies that worked a century or more ago still work today. An old master lists which one’s homeopaths turn to again and again for colds and catarrhal affections.

Relief from Food Poisoning

Food poisoning results in nausea, retching at the sight or smell of food, abdominal pain and cramping, unquenchable thirst, and more. Key homeopathic remedies help.

New Mothers and Breastfeeding

Dr. Aggarwal refers to the benefits of homeopathy for breastfeeding mothers and infants. challenges helped include nipple pain, mastitis, inadequate or excessive milk supply, and more.

India: Statistics 2016/2017

Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine and is growing faster than Ayurveda and Unani in India. What else? 100 million Indian people depend on it, solely!

Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

There’s still no cure for MND but homeopathic remedies match and have relieved symptoms of paralysis, spasms, difficult speech and swallowing, and more.

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