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Remedies for Headaches

We’re all familiar with headaches but there are so many different types – right-sided, flushed face, pain in the back of the head, headaches with nausea, better for applying pressure or lying down, and so on. To treat with homeopathy, match the remedy to the symptoms.


Homeopathy for Joint Pain

Symptoms vary with the different types of arthritis but most sufferers experience pain, swelling, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion. Homeopathic remedies suited to these symptoms, improve quality of life. Take a look at which ones.


Shingle Treatment Options

Shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus, herpes zoster. The virus flares within a nerve and causes a rash, blisters and pain in the skin supplied by that nerve. Conventional treatments for shingles have limited effect and carry side-effects but what about homeopathy?

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The Sting of Cupid’s Arrow

When relationships come to a sudden end feelings may be hurt or hearts break. Homeopathic remedies match the emotions and instability produced by these traumatic breakups and help us progress …

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Brave Visionary: Harris Coulter

Harris Coulter was a medical historian. Homeopaths remember him for two things – his research into vaccine injuries, and his Divided Legacy (I-IV) tomes that explored the conflicts of conventional …


The Living Thermometer

Some of the symptoms of the ‘living thermometer’ type of patient are an introversion, suspicion, egocentricism and loneliness. They also can’t stand extremes of temperature. Sound familiar? Read more | …


Remedies for Weakness

Do you have weakness or poor function in your ears, eyes, muscles, neck, ankles, abdomen or heart? Or how about a difficulty climbing up or down stairs? Check out which …


Case: Multiple Sclerosis

Jerry’s initial complaints included progressive weakness in his left leg, left-hand numbness, and fatigue. As symptoms progressed his coordination and balance were affected. He was diagnosed with Progressive Relapsing Multiple …


Italy: Millions Use Homeopathy

The Italian Medical Association of Homotoxicology reports 1 out of 5 Italians use non-conventional medicines of which homeopathy is the most popular. The data shows the usage of homeopathy has …

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