Offer 1: Ipecacuanha (Ip.) 30C Pills – 70% Off!

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This week’s remedy – Ipecacuanha (Ip.) 30C Pills

For the next 6 days, pay just AU$5.00 a vial for Ipecacuanha (Ip.) 30C pills, instead of the regular price of AU$16.00.

That’s 70% off and a saving of AU$11.00 per vial – but only until midnight, Monday, 24th April, 2017 (UTC/GMT -8 hours).

(Each week we offer a different homeopathic remedy for just AU$5.00 per vial, plus an info-sheet on when and how to use it. Now’s the time to build your basic homeopathy kit and learn how to treat those simple health complaints at home, yourself.)

Each vial contains approximately 100 doses of sweet-tasting pills which are suitable for babies through to the elderly, and during pregnancy.

Now is the perfect time to restock your home-use kit or add to your remedy collection – but be quick, because these pills return to their regular price of AU$16.00 at midnight, Monday, 24th April, 2017 (UTC/GMT -8 hours).

Information included with each order

With each order of Ipecacuanha (Ip.) 30C pills we include information on:

1. Which specific symptoms match this remedy (also read, here)

2. How to dose for common family ailments.

3. How to turn each pill into a longer-lasting liquid remedy, to save even more.

Pills and potencies

Click here to browse our complete range of pills (or liquids) in 6C to 1M potencies.

Not sure which potency you need? Click here for guidance.

Three ways to order

1. Place your order online. Standard shipping is just AU$9.50 to anywhere in the world, and shipping is free for orders over AU$85.00!

2. Order over the phone by calling us on (+61 2) 4304 0822 – we’d love to help you.

3. Purchase directly from our clinic and office at 7b / 1 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah NSW 2259, Australia. (When you phone and pay for your order ahead of time, we have it ready, waiting for you.)

This offer ends at midnight on Monday, 24th April, 2017 (UTC/GMT -8 hours).

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