Offer 3: Winter Defense “Super Specials” – Three Ways to Save!

HUGE savings of AU$16.00 – AU$23.95 on Winter Defense!

Three ways to save | Pay just AU$3.00 or AU$10.95 per bottle | Save AU$16.00 – AU$23.95 a bottle

It’s officially winter in the Southern Hemisphere which means it’s also Winter Defense time.

Year-in and year-out, Winter Defense (originally called Flu-Stop!) has been our most popular product, and now it’s winter, it’s on special again!

This year, there are three ways to save, and three ways to buy.

Three Ways to Save

1) Unlimited bottles of AU$10.95 Winter Defense are available for purchase online, over the phone, or from our office and clinic. (Normally AU$26.95, save AU$16.00 a bottle) .

2) Add a bottle of Winter Defense to your order for just AU$3.00 when purchasing AU$35.00 or more from our online store, Just click the link “Add Winter Defense” link during checkout and we’ll pack it with your order.

This offer is also available for in-person or over-the-phone purchases – just ask at the time. (Limit of one AU$3.00 Winter Defense with any AU$35.00 and over order.)

3) Purchase Winter Defense at our Clinic for just AU$3.00 a bottle during your next homeopathic appointment. (Limit of one AU$3.00 Winter Defense per appointment.)

These three specials run for June only so, be quick!. Come July, Winter Defense returns to its normal price of AU$26.95.

Three Ways to Buy

1. Place your order online. Standard shipping is just AU$9.50 to anywhere in the world, and shipping is free for orders over AU$85.00!

2. Order over the phone by calling us on (+61 2) 4304 0822 – we’d love to help you.

3. Purchase directly from our clinic and office at 7b / 1 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah NSW 2259, Australia. (When you phone and pay for your order ahead of time, we have it ready, waiting for you.)

This offer ends at midnight on Monday, 30th June, 2017 (UTC/GMT -8 hours).

What is Winter Defense?

Our Winter Defense Complex is a blend of homeopathic remedies traditionally used for the symptoms of sore throat, watery eyes, blocked nose, aching muscles and joints, chills, fever, headache, and weakness – symptoms commonly associated with winter ailments and complaints.

Winter Defense is suitable for use during pregnancy and by all ages – from newborns to the elderly. It won’t interact with other medicines that may be taken.

Winter Defense comes in a compact 20ml dropper-top bottle and contains 120 5-drop doses of pleasant-tasting liquid. It’s made with traditionally-prepared remedies and have a 2030 expiry date.

Instructions for dosing with Winter Defense are available here.

Starting today, there are three ways to purchase significantly discounted bottles of Winter Defense BUT, only for June. (Come July, Winter Defense returns to its normal price of AU$26.95).

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