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Animal health: Discover potential health benefits of using homeopathy

animalThis well-written article on farm homeopathy from the Farmers Guardian gives an insight and lots of examples of how herdsmen are using the therapy to improve the health of their animals.

Herdsman Tim Downes says: “It may seem complex to start with, but once the basic principles have been understood, it is relatively straight forward. Unlike standard veterinary medicine, homeopathic principles have remained unchanged. The main aim with farm livestock is to practice good husbandry and then use the treatments to stimulate the animal’s own immune response and encourage the body to heal itself.”

Vet Christopher Day says: “For anyone new to homeopathy, it will resemble nothing they have ever seen before. But farmers can learn how to diagnose and administer treatments to their own livestock once they have grasped the basics”, and when discussing the treatment of herds, “Homeopathy has almost fully replaced the need for any conventional drug or hormone treatments on some units. Persistent individual cases can still be treated using antibiotics. But once the obstacles to recovery are removed, there is no reason why homeopathic treatments cannot achieve the same – or even greater – levels of success than antibiotics.”

Lots of good information in this article, supported by case stories and studies. Read and enjoy!

More Information: Animal health: Discover potential health benefits of using homeopathy

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