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Immunisation Issues

Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Choice

We were thrilled to see the Truth About Vaccine series cover homeopathy’s ability to stimulate immunity against infectious disease. We were also pleased to see it drew from info we’ve distributed worldwide over the past 12 years. What we had always hoped is coming to pass – that communities know about safe protection with homeopathy so that the risks and limitations of vaccines can be avoided.

Governments Stop Epidemics With Homeopathy

We are struggling to manage two problems at once but could be a lot cleverer about it. The first problem is that people, including children, still die from infectious diseases such as …

Homeopathy for malaria studies

Summary: Malaria causes significant death and disease in countries where it is endemic. Malaria parasites have developed increasing resistance to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat or prevent them. Recent studies from …

Update: Homeopathy for Ebola petition

The Homeopathy for Ebola petition, and its information on homeopathy’s successful use during epidemics, was received and signed for by WHO on Thursday, 7th October by Mr (or Ms) Hossain. …