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Alt. Medicine – Bad For Business

“Drug companies are avoiding developing drugs that work well especially if they provide one-off cures because they will lose on-going revenue.” 

Remedies to Beat the Heat

The bad effects of sun and heat lead to exhaustion, heat stroke, cramps, cataracts, sunburn, solar ketatosis, and more. Dr Ajay looks at remedies that reduce the risk and aid recovery.

My ‘Eureka’ Moment

“They did not provide me with information about alternative treatments, linked to diet and lifestyle changes. They did not mention that there were therapies, such as homeopathy…”.

Basic Principles Explained

If you’ve ever wondered about the law of similars, the principle of minimum dose, and how homeopathy defines true health and cure, this article will help. 

Homeopathy for Trigeminal Neuralgia

“The pains are like a sparkler. Not hot, but stitching and prickling. Now it is like a throbbing toothache. I scream when I chew food. I cannot eat.”

Sugar-pills for Diabetes?

A homeopathic doctor lists some of the remedies he uses for diabetes-related symptoms such as weakness, visual disturbances, numbness, ulcers, and more.

Homeopathy for Breast Disease

A 35-year-old woman was diagnosed with the inflammatory disease of granulomatous mastitis. Her breast was lumpy and oozing pus. Homeopathic treatment led to recovery.

Homeopathy for Plants

Having issues with slow growing plants, insect attacks, thin plants, hydric stress, abortion of flowers, and more? Maybe it’s time to check out agrohomeopathy.