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Acute Case of Fever Blisters

This unlucky lady was suffering from reoccurring cold sores and frequent colds. A full case history revealed other symptoms as well, but there was one remedy that helped them all.

A Case of Fibromyalgia

Read the case of a 43-year-old suffering from fibromyalgia. Her aches and pains, poor memory, loss of balance, sensitive skin, swollen feet and more were treated by homeopathy.

Why Homeopathy?

Dr Weinstein was a practising MD in conventional medicine until he became restless with the system and searched for something better. Homeopathy changed his life.

Pain from Spasms?

Find out which homeopathic remedy is recommended for leg cramps, hiccups, eye twitching, menstrual cramps and more. This remedy is also useful during labour! 

Study: Berberis vulgaris

This abstract looks at a study (sadly, locked behind a paywall for most) on the potential of homeopathic Berberis vulgaris in the treatment of renal calculi. Take a look at the results here.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Is there a role for homeopathy in breast cancer surgery? According to this study, Arnica montana could aid healing by reducing post-operative blood and fluid collection.

Cocculus indicus

Watch this short and informative video on the homeopathic remedy Cocculus indicus. It covers what it’s made from and the type of symptoms it treats.

Help for Heart Palpitations

Ever felt a weird pounding or fluttering feeling in your chest? These sensations are called heart palpitations and can be helped with a number of homeopathic remedies. 

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