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Eczema: Homeopathic Help for Sore and Itchy Skin

Homeopathic remedies frequently relieve or eradicate eczema – not only for people but animals as well. They are safe to use with babies through to the elderly. Many different remedies can be used depending on the symptoms of the sufferer but some of the main ones are listed in this article.

Stop that Barking Cough

There are many different types of cough and you can hear them all during winter – tickley coughs, dry coughs, chesty coughs, croupy coughs – but they all have one thing in common; they cause distress and discomfort to the sufferer (not to mention the listener!) They lead to irritability, sore muscles, and lack of sleep.The correct homeopathic remedy, however, can bring rapid relief. It can also resolve the underlying cause of the cough.

Homeopathy for heartache and grief

It would be wonderful to sail through all sorts of relationships, both good and bad. But then, it wouldn’t be real life. Almost everyone suffers the heartbreak of a relationship …

Treating Allergies with Homeopathy

There are 3 options for using potentised remedies for treating allergies. These are: Buy an ‘allergy’ complex (combination remedy). Make an appointment for an acute prescription with a homeopath. See …

Remedies for Disasters (Part 3)

Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) may not be as obvious as piles of rubble or burnt houses, but survivors of disaster and emergency situations can struggle to come to terms with …

Remedies for Disasters (Part 1)

Floods, wars, famines, accidents, earthquakes. Hardly a day goes by without a disaster making headlines somewhere – they are an inescapable part of life and whether natural or manmade have …

Preparing for Radiation

Do homeopathic remedies protect against X-rays, CT scans and other radiological procedures? In Brief: X-rays, fluoroscopy and CT scans provide early detection of serious problems, inform treatment, and save lives. …