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Offer 2: Christmas Complex Trios


Until midnight, Friday, 24th of December 2021 (UTC/GMT -8 hours), buy two Complex remedies … and get one FREE!

Our Christmas Complex trios are on special for $57.00 each (normally $85.50 for three Complexes) – save $28.50!

This year we have 31 different Complex trios – even an Apocalypse Pack!

We’ve also included a mix-and-match option (scroll to the bottom of this offer) so that if none of the trios suit, you can create your own.

These Complex Trios make great Christmas presents or handy additions to the home medicine cabinet.

And, the best news is that your $25.00 Christmas Gift Certificate CAN be used with this offer – just enter the coupon code at the checkout.

Presentation Counts!

Each trio of Complexes is presented in a beautiful organza bag and topped with a Christmas bow, making them an attractive Christmas gift.

Each bottle has 120 doses of pleasant tasting liquid and an expiry date of 2030. They are suitable for use for all ages – from infants to the elderly, and during pregnancy. They won’t interact with other medicines and can be safely taken with them.

Christmas Complex Trios

Until midnight on Friday, 24th of December 2021 (UTC/GMT -8 hours), buy two Complex remedies … and get one FREE! Choose from the following packaged combinations.

Active Kids Trio
Active Kids Trio$85.50 $57.00
Allergy Trio
Allergy Trio$85.50 $57.00
Apocalypse Trio
Apocalypse Trio$85.50 $57.00
Baby & Infant Trio
Baby & Infant Trio$85.50 $57.00
Children's Trio (1)
Children's Trio (1)$85.50 $57.00
Children's Trio (2)
Children's Trio (2)$85.50 $57.00
Colds & Flu Trio
Colds & Flu Trio$85.50 $57.00
Dental Help Trio 1
Dental Help Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Dental Help Trio 2
Dental Help Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Digestion Help Trio 1
Digestion Help Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Digestion Help Trio 2
Digestion Help Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Emotional Support Trio
Emotional Support Trio$85.50 $57.00
Eye Health Trio
Eye Health Trio$85.50 $57.00
Fracture Help Trio
Fracture Help Trio$85.50 $57.00
Golden Years Trio
Golden Years Trio$85.50 $57.00
Grey Matter Trio
Grey Matter Trio$85.50 $57.00
Holiday Trio 1
Holiday Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Holiday Trio 2
Holiday Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Illness & Recovery Trio
Illness & Recovery Trio$85.50 $57.00
Mother and Baby Trio
Mother and Baby Trio$85.50 $57.00
Outdoors Trio
Outdoors Trio$85.50 $57.00
Skin Trio 1
Skin Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Skin Trio 2
Skin Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Sleep-Easy Trio
Sleep-Easy Trio$85.50 $57.00
Sports-Aid Trio 1
Sports-Aid Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Sports-Aid Trio 2
Sports-Aid Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Teenage Girls Trio
Teenage Girls Trio$85.50 $57.00
Toddler Trio 1
Toddler Trio 1$85.50 $57.00
Toddler Trio 2
Toddler Trio 2$85.50 $57.00
Winter Trio
Winter Trio$85.50 $57.00

…Or Build Your Own!

Select your three preferred complexes, and pay for two.

SpecialsPriceAbbrevChoose Options
Complex Trios - Custom Packs$57.00Choose Options

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