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Study: Homeopathy for Asthma

Child with asthma

A 2012 observational study assessed the homeopathic treatment of 30 children with asthma.

Each child received an individualised homeopathic remedy – a different remedy according to his or her unique symptoms. Conventional treatment was continued if needed throughout the study.

The children were assessed for frequency of attacks, use of medication, night-waking and spirometry readings at the beginning of treatment and at each follow-up appointment.

The study concluded at 6 months and the data was then analysed.

The results showed that individulised homeopathic medicines prescribed by experienced homeopathic practitioners improved the severity of asthma in the children.

On the strength of these findings it was recommended that further controlled studies be done.

More Information: Individualized homeopathy in a group of Egyptian asthmatic children

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