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Our Health and Vaccines (AVN 11/16)

Did you know that on average there are over 3,000 side effects including 4.3 deaths reported every year in Australia following vaccination?

(Reprinted with permission from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network)

To see these figures:

  • Visit the TGA’s page Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN)
  • Click on Search DAEN – medicines
  • Click the “I have read and understand this above” button.
  • Write the word ‘vaccine’ into the vaccine field, tick the box in the header so all vaccines are ticked.
  • Select a date range and click Search.

We did a search for the past 10 years to obtain an average over that period.

For a date range of January 1 2008 to December 31 2017 (10 years), we found there were 178 different vaccines reported (this includes non-specified vaccines) and 32,148 adverse events reported including 43 deaths.

This gives an average of 3,215 adverse events reported and 4.3 deaths per year over those 10 years.

An important point is that serious vaccine reactions and even deaths are often not reported to authorities. The percentage of events reported is believed by many people to be as low as 1%.

This occurs because victims and their families don’t realise they can report reactions, doctors often don’t report reactions because they don’t want to be targeted as being against vaccination, and often doctors have such a strong belief that vaccines are benign they don’t believe a vaccine could have caused serious injury and death, and they say an adverse event happening after vaccination is a coincidence.

For an example of this, please watch this video of a mother speaking of how her child died the night after vaccination, and the death was attributed to SIDS. This was recorded in the US, but it also happens in Australia.

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