Homeopathy for Angina and Chest Pain?

Homeopathy for angina pectoris or heart pain? Dr Ahmad discusses this problem and lists the remedies he uses in its treatment. If you have diagnosed angina and would like to use homeopathy, Dr Ahmad strongly advises that you see a qualified practitioner rather than trying to self-treat.

More Information: http://www.similima.com/angina-pectoris-homeopathy

Some are surprised to hear that homeopathy can rapidly relieve heart-related symptoms. It has been used for this purpose for more than 200 years.

For instance, Glonoine – a homeopathic remedy – is now one of the main treatments used by conventional medicine for angina.

Today, conventional medicine calls it glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) and uses it in chemical form. Homeopaths continue to use it in potency to avoid its side-effects but, whether potentised or chemical, its mode of action is still homeopathic.

In a previous newsletter, we also carried an article in which Dr Worden discusses homeopathy for angina and other circulatory problems.

More Information: Angina Pectoris and Homeopathy http://homeopathyplus.com/homeopathic-spotlight-on-circulation/

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