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Homeopathy for Autism: Fran Sheffield Interview (Part 2)

This 2015 interview presents information for both parents and practitioners on the homeopathic treatment of autism.

(Part 1 of this interview contains specific information for parents: Homeopathy for Autism: Fran Sheffield Interview – Part 1)

– The different approaches to treatment – palliation, suppression or symptom matching.
– What makes a potentised remedy homeopathic.
– Where supplementation, conventional (allopathic) and isopathic approaches fit into treatment.
– What causes aggravations during homeopathic treatment and what do they mean?
– Why detoxing (Herxheimer reactions) should not be seen as a positive thing in homeopathic treatment.
– The seven possible responses to a homeopathic remedy (curative, similar aggravation, dissimilar aggravation, accessory symptoms, return of old symptoms, discharges and eruptions, no response) and what they mean.
– Six different responses to a potentised remedy – what they are and what they mean for ongoing treatment.
– The benefits of liquid remedies.
– Four things that should be considered at each homeopathic appointment.
– Homeopathy as primary healthcare.
… and so much more.

Learn more about Fran: Meet Fran Sheffield

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