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HOMEOPATHY FOR AUTISM – Help me write a free online book by just two questions

My_Homeopathy_CroppedA message from Fran Sheffield.

Has your family been affected by autism?

Families dealing with autism make up most of my practice. For more than a decade I’ve been using homeopathy to successfully treat their children, and increasingly adults, with this disorder.

For years people have been asking me to write a book on it – about what I do, how I do it, and what families themselves can do to reduce the impact of this growing problem.

Finally, I’m doing just that – but with one big difference.

I’m going to write it online so that you and others can follow along, free of charge, and get all the information as it progresses.

Once I’m finished, the book will be edited and published but until then, and possibly forever, all that information will be free online for anyone who needs it.

I’m excited by the concept, and I hope it sounds like a good idea to you too.
But I do need help to make it a true success.

Would you please send me an email with your two most important questions about homeopathy for autism? Those questions will tell me exactly the sort of information I should definitely cover in the book.

Just your two most pressing questions – that’s all I need. Please send them to:

I will get back to you in our next newsletter with more information and the answers to some of the questions I receive.

Many thanks for your help, Fran.

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