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Homeoprophylaxis FAQs (questions about homeopathic immunisation)

What is homeoprophylaxis?

Homeoprophylaxis is a simple and non-toxic homeopathic approach for the prevention of infectious diseases. It’s also known by the names of homeopathic prophylaxis, homeopathic immunisation, or the initials HP. Homeoprophylaxis has been successfully used worldwide during numerous epidemics over the past 200 years. Some governments that are familiar with homeoprophylaxis still use it for epidemics, today.

What can HP be used for?

Homeoprophylaxis is used for all types of viral, bacterial, and parasitic contagious disease. These include air-borne and childhood diseases such as chickenpox, influenza and whooping cough, insect-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, and food or water-borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and typhoid. It can be used for communicable childhood diseases, epidemic disease, or endemic infectious diseases that may be encountered while travelling.

Who can use HP?

Newborns through to the elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, those in a debilitated or immune-compromised state – all can safely use homeoprophylaxis. It’s also suitable for farm or companion animals and an emerging body of research shows it also prevents plant diseases in home gardens and large-scale agriculture. The prophylactics do not have to be given by a trained professional and are safe for individuals or families to use at their discretion.

How are homeoprophylactics prepared?

Prophylactics are prepared from plant, animal, viral or bacterial sources, and by the homeopathic method of potentisation – a process of serial dilution and agitation. The dilutions remove harmful chemicals, additives, adjuvants, and infectious materials while the vigorous agitation of the liquid between each stage of dilution creates an energetic imprint of the original substance onto the liquid. Exactly how this happens is still not fully understood but is an area of ongoing research.

Is HP safe?

Prophylactic remedies produce gentle energetic effects rather than potentially harmful chemical effects. During potentisation, the multiple stages of dilution remove harmful chemicals, adjuvants, and infective agents. The final liquid or medicated sugar-pills are non-toxic and non-addictive. For 200 years they have been used in numerous countries and across all stages of life without documented injury or toxic events.

How is HP dispensed and taken?

Each prophylactic is supplied as a small, round sugar pill which is readily accepted by children. It dissolves easily in the mouth and doesn’t have an unpleasant after-taste. It can also be dissolved in a little water when given to babies. High-potency childhood prophylactics are usually taken yearly for two years and then on alternating years if needed. Lower potency prophylactics for travellers are usually taken weekly when travelling through areas of risk.

Is HP well-accepted?

Countries in which homeopathy is well-known and widely-used still control outbreaks and epidemics with homeoprophylaxis. (Further information is available at the following page: Homeoprophylaxis- Human Records, Studies, and Trials. Governments where homeopathy is less well-known, or with a “vaccine only” policy, do not use homeoprophylaxis.

How does HP compare to other preventatives?

Benefits of homeoprophylaxis include:

  1. Safety. Homeoprophylaxis has an enviable safety record. During 200 years of use with newborns to the elderly, and during pregnancy and debility, there have been no documented reports of injury or toxicity.
  2. Suitable for vaccine contraindications. Prophylactics can be used with those who have had an adverse vaccine or preventative reaction, the malnourished, the sick and debilitated, the immune-compromised, the pregnant, and those on immune-supressing steroids.
  3. Easy to administer. Prophylactics are taken as oral doses of small sweet-tasting pills or drops of pleasant-tasting liquid. They do not have to be injected.
  4. Autonomy and independence. Self-medication with prophylactics has been, and is, a simple, safe, and logical option for individuals and families.
  5. Rapid protection. Rather than waiting weeks or months for a detectable immune response, protection appears to be in place from the first dose of a prophylactic.
  6. No resistance. Homeoprophylaxis strengthens the resistance of the individual rather than targeting the pathogen. For this reason, pathogens don’t develop resistance to prophylactics.
  7. Comprehensive coverage. Prophylactics are available for all known epidemic diseases even when no vaccine exists.
  8. Rapid and easy distribution. Prophylactics don’t require complicated packaging, needles, syringes, refrigeration, or highly-trained health workers for distribution or administration. Simple packaging, hand-to-hand transfer, and community instructions are the minimum requirements.
  9. Inexpensive. Prophylactics can be produced by hand or machine from basic, inexpensive ingredients and components.
  10. Multiple strains. As homeoprophylaxis is a symptom-based approach to prevention, the one prophylactic covers all strains of an epidemic-producing bacterium as symptoms are the same from one strain to another.
  11. Quick to produce. Prophylactics can be produced within hours once the common symptoms of an emerging epidemic have been identified.
  12. Early intervention. Because rapid production and easy distribution of prophylactics is possible, pre-emptive mass-dosing in the face of an emerging epidemic is achievable.
  13. Environmentally sound. The manufacturing process of prophylactics produces minimal to no industrial waste. By-products are non-toxic and do not accumulate in the environment.

What evidence or research is there to support the use of HP?

Countries in which homeopathy is currently well-known and widely-used still control outbreaks and epidemics with homeoprophylaxis. Further Information is available at the following page: Homeoprophylaxis- Human Records, Studies, and Trials.

Where do I obtain prophylactics?

Prophylactics at Homeopathy Plus are provided at your request in the context of a homeoprophylaxis appointment which allows relevant information to be provided and questions answered. This appointment, a requirement of the Australian Homeopathic Association and Australian Register of Homeopaths, can be conducted face-to-face, by phone or Skype. Contact details for making an appointment are found at: Contact Us

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