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Meet Tracey Carter

Tracey is a homeopath and counsellor with a Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Meet Tracey Carter 3 Originally from the United Kingdom, Tracey first joined Homeopathy Plus several years ago as a project manager. It was not long before her interest in homeopathy was fully piqued and studies began.

The end result is that Tracey progressed from project management and now works full-time with us at the clinic as a homeopath and counsellor.

If you have used our Homeopathy ‘Hot Line’ service you have likely already met Tracey where many have benefitted from the information she shares.

Tracey’s counselling skills have been an excellent complement to her use of homeopathic remedies. Clients report they quickly establish an easy rapport with her.

National and international appointments with Tracey – in-person, by phone or by Skype – can be booked at the Homeopathy Plus! Clinic.

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