Offer 2 – Christmas Gift Packs – 3 Complexes for the price of 2!


christmas-candlesUntil midnight on Sunday the 24th of December 2017, buy three Complex remedies … and only pay for two!

(Good news! Your $25.00 Christmas Gift Certificate CAN be applied to this offer as well – just enter the coupon code at the checkout.)

This year we have 22 different Complex packs – even an Apocalypse Pack!

They make great Christmas presents or handy additions to the home medicine cabinet.

Choose From Our Range of Combinations

We have an extensive range of Complex combinations to suit most needs.

Each trio of Complexes is presented in a beautiful royal-blue organza bag and topped with a bow.

Each bottle has 120 doses of pleasant tasting liquid and an expiry date of 2025. Instructions for use are included.

Our Christmas Complex trios are only $53.90 (normally $80.85 when Complexes are purchased separately) – save $26.95!

Christmas Complex Trios

Until midnight on Sunday the 24th of December 2017, buy three Complex remedies … and only pay for two! Choose from the following packaged combinations.

Active Kid’s Pack

Contains: Bruises, Burns, Bites and Stings Complexes

Allergy Pack

Contains: Conjunctivitis, Hay Fever, Sinus Pain Complexes

Apocalypse Pack

Contains: Radiation Exposure, Panic Stop, Emotional Shock Complexes

Children’s Pack

Contains: Worms – Pin (Thread) , Sore Throat, Motion Sickness Complexes

Colds and Flu Pack

Contains: Common Cold Thick, Common Cold Watery, Winter Defense Complexes

Coughs and Flu Pack

Contains: Cough Relief Dry, Cough Relief Moist, Winter Defense Complexes

Dental Help Pack

Contains: Gum Abscess, Toothache, Receding Gums Complexes

Digestion Pack 1

Contains: Indigestion, Overindulgence/Hangover, Reflux Complexes

Digestion Pack 2

Contains: Nausea, Irritable Bowel, Mouth Ulcer Complexes

Emotional Support Pack

Contains: Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Emotional Shock Complexes

Fracture Pack

Contains: Fracture Help, X-Ray Gard, Bruises Complexes

Golden Years Pack

Contains: Joints – Sore, Joints – Stiff, Restless Legs Complexes

Grey Matter Pack

Contains: Brain Fog, Headache – Migraine, Headache – Tension Complexes

Hand and Foot Pack

Contains: Chilblains, Foot Sweat, Restless Legs Complexes

Holiday Pack Pack

Contains: Jet Lag, Motion Sickness, Sunburn Complexes

Illness Recovery Pack

Contains: Convalescence, Fatigue – Mental, Fatigue – Physical Complexes

Outdoors Pack

Contains: Bruises, Sunburn, Bites and Stings Complexes

Sleep-easy Pack

Contains: Insomnia – Anxiety or Grief, Insomnia – Overactive Mind, Snore Ease Complexes

Sports-aid Pack

Contains: Sprains and Strains, Cramps – Muscular, Fracture Help Complexes

Toddler’s Pack (1)

Contains: Teething, Earache, Conjunctivitis Complexes

Toddler’s Pack (2)

Contains: Croup (Simple), Worms – Pin (Thread), Sore Throat

Winter Pack

Contains: Winter Defence, Sore Throat, Chilblains Complexes

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