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Prof Dinelli 1 | Agrohomeopathy Research

  • Giovanni Denali is a professor at the department of agricultural science of the university of Bologna in Italy.
  • His main areas of research are sustainable agriculture, and organic farming.
  • Of interest to him is agrohomeopathy (a new way for a sustainable agriculture).
  • He focuses on homeopathy as a replacement for herbicides, fungicides and other harmful substances.
  • Denali explains how resistance is strong against homeopathy
  • One paper on Molecular effect was submitted four times and rejected without any type of review. The editor’s comments were “Homeopathy is not science”
  • All scientists embarking on homeopathic investigation faces problems such as obtaining funding and publishing a paper. The only way to fight it is to produce more and more evidence, use the right scientific approach, right experimental conditions, statistical analyses and so forth.

Watch below:

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