Science Direct’s “Hottest” Articles on Homeopathy

ScientistsinLaboratory_zps77c3c0d9Science Direct is the largest online database of scientific, technical, and medical research from over 2500 peer-reviewed journals.

It has just released its list of the ‘Top 25 Hottest Articles’ on homeopathy for the months July to December 2012.

Making the list are the following articles:

1. The research evidence base for homeopathy: a fresh assessment of the literature
2. Effects of Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblasts
3. The biopsychosocial model and its potential for a new theory of homeopathy
4. Effects of microcurrent application alone or in combination with topical Hypericum perforatum
5. Homeopathic treatment for peripheral nerve regeneration: an experimental study in a rat sciatic nerve transection model
6. The placebo effect and homeopathy
7. Homeopathy in chronic sinusitis: a prospective multi-centric observational study
8. Randomized controlled pilot study to compare Homeopathy and Conventional therapy in Acute Otitis Media
9. The Memory of Water: an overview
10. Anxiolytic effect of homeopathic preparation of Pulsatilla nigricans in Swiss albino mice
11. The science of high dilutions in historical context
12. Nonlinear dynamical systems effects of homeopathic remedies on multiscale entropy and correlation dimension of slow wave sleep EEG in young adults with histories of coffee-induced insomnia
13. Review of the use of high potencies in basic research on homeopathy • Review article
14. Homeopathic and integrative treatment for feline hyperthyroidism – four cases (2006-2010)
15. Toxicodendron pubescens retains its anti-arthritic efficacy at 1M, 10M and CM homeopathic dilutions
16. Effects of two homeopathic complexes on bovine sperm mitochondrial activity
17. The therapeutic effect of Tarentula cubensis extract (Theranekron^(R)) in foot-and-mouth disease in cattle: a randomised trial in an endemic setting
18. Truth, proof and evidence
19. Homeopathic prescribing for chronic conditions in feline and canine veterinary practice
20. Homeopathy for depression: a systematic review of the research evidence
21. Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control
22. The 2005 meta-analysis of homeopathy: the importance of post-publication data
23. Conspicuous by its absence: the Memory of Water, macro-entanglement, and the possibility of homeopathy
24. New homeopathic medicines: use of modern drugs according to the principle of similitude
25. Homeopathy in paediatric atopic diseases: long-term results in children with atopic dermatitis

To access these articles, visit: Top 25 Hottest Articles

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