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Skeptics’ Accusations Fail to Deter

IBN and CNN present this short story on two seriously ill people who were returned to good health by homeopathy.

“I have seen and felt the magic,” said businessman Minish Kothari a Rheumatoid arthritis patient whose arthritic pain was not being helped by seven different allopathic (conventional) medicines a day. In spite of being bed-ridden at the commencement of homeopathic treatment he says he is now completely cured

Meena Mehta was told by her doctors that she wouldn’t survive a year without a liver transplant but after four months of homeopathic treatment her liver enzymes were near normal.

The story concludes with:

“Homeopathy still remains a huge puzzle for scientists world over. Precisely because no one has a logical explanation to why it works. It’s the placebo effect, scientists would say but then, a hundred million Indians turn to homeopathy to cure what ails them.”

To read the story and watch the video, click on:

More Information: Skeptics’ accusations fail to deter homeopathy believers

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