The Dr Oz Show: Homeopathy Tutorial

DrOzHomeopathyTutorial_zps1a8e92a5Did you see Dr Oz talk about homeopathy on his popular health show in January? Now he has a short video tutorial and brief explanation of how homeopathy works. The information is clear and simple – except it only tells half the story on how homeopathic remedies are made, leaving people with the impression they are just diluted.

If that were so we would have no remedies at all – just inactive water: if the liquid is not vigorously shaken between each stage of dilution it loses any beneficial effect. Homeopaths call this agitation of the liquid “succussion” and, in a process that’s still not fully understood, it imprints therapeutic information from a substance into the liquid, which then stimulates a healing response from your body. The best part is that the more the liquid is succussed between each dilution stage, the stronger it becomes in triggering a response.

So, if it’s all about the succussion, why do we dilute? For no other reason than to remove the toxic ingredients of the original substance and make it safe to use by anyone in any condition, at any age and any time. Amazing, huh?

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