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The Struggle Continues … Allopathy vs Homeopathy

This fast-moving YouTube clip spotlights the historical struggle between Homeopathy and Allopathy (conventional medicine) and its implications for emerging cancer treatment.


Video Synopsis

An an influx of drug and tobacco money led to the dominance of conventional medicine and its discrimination against the growing popularity of homeopathy.

That money, derived by questionable ethics, resulted in surgery, radiation and chemotherapy being promoted as the only valid treatment options for cancer.

In the process, other successful cancer treatments were shut down even when they showed better evidence of cure.

Other interesting snippets from the video include:

  • George Washington was poisoned with mercury and bled to death by his doctors after complaining about a sore throat.
  • In the mid 1850s, patients were leaving orthodox doctors in droves to be treated by homeopathy. The American Medical Association (AMA), was formed to fight this exodus and did so by changing curriculum, licensing laws and graduation requirements to discriminate against those who practised homeopathy.
  • The AMA funded its activities by granting seals of approval to any synthetic drug that advertised in its journal. This, coupled with advertising money from the tobacco industry, saw it’s revenue soar and its journal become the most profitable in the world.

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