Two important petitions

Mum and bubPetition 1: Stop the vilification of parents whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines.

Information from the petition: The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney Australia and the other Australian papers owned by News Ltd have started a campaign to force the government to make vaccination compulsory for preschool and childcare – a campaign which will eventually lead to compulsory vaccination for all school children and potentially all Australians. This campaign has used strongly emotive language vilifying and abusing parents who have not vaccinated, many of whom have children or loved ones who were killed or permanently injured by vaccines. Racial, sexual and other forms of vilification are illegal in Australia – we believe that medical vilification should be as well. (This petition will soon close so be quick.)

Sign the Petition: Stop the vilification of parents whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines

Petition 2: My Body / My Choice
Information from the Petition: Quietly the Australian Government is taking away our sovereign right to determine what enters our bodies and those of our children. Australia has very lax and deceptive food labelling laws, additives in our drinking water and other deceptions “for the community good”. It is time for us to say “we live in a democracy, we expect the Government to assist us to build our health and honour our personal choices”. Now is the time for a strong demand as the draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill is being determined. We need everyone to sign and to get their friends and relatives to sign, to Facebook and Twitter. An avalanche of signatories can make this Human Rights Bill empowering to individuals. (This petition will soon close so be quick.)

Sign the Petition: My Body / My Choice

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