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Using Homeopathy for Plants, Pests, and Soil

Using Homeopathy for Plants, Pests, and Soil 3Phew! We’ve been keeping busy with presentations, workshops and competitions here at Homeopathy Plus during the last few weeks!

Yesterday we ran our agrohomeopathy workshop (homeopathy for plants, pests and the soil), and looked at how much difference homeopathy could make to our agriculture and horticulture industry. If only more people knew!

In one example from the workshop we looked at how the typical chrysanthemum grower uses:

  • Six different biological controls including predators
  • Two Bt sprays
  • Four to six pesticides AND has to repeat them at regular intervals during plant and flower growth

If that same grower were to use homeopathy, he or she would need a maximum of four remedies sprayed just once, and ONLY if there were a pest or disease outbreak, or…

Just ONE treatment from a remedy prepared from a companion plant to the chrysanthemum that has been shown to safely manage all of the flower’s problems in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

It is easy to see the difference homeopathy can make – not only to our health, but the health of the planet when used to support the way we grow our plants.

If you would like to learn how to do this join us at our next workshop on Saturday 10th of November, see here for more info.

If you don’t live near us, DVDs will be available for purchase toward the end of November.

More Information: Using Homeopathy for Plants, Pests, and Soil

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