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What are Homeopathic Prophylactics?

Realistic rendering of bacteria - in red colorsProphylactics are homoeopathic remedies used for disease prevention. The process is call homeopathic immunisation or homeoprophylaxis.

Just as the Law of Similars is used to choose remedies for treatment, it is also applied for prevention. Remedies not only treat symptoms in the sick similar to those they produce in the healthy, but prevent similar symptoms in the well.

This ‘like treats like” process is already used in vaccination. Vaccines made from infectious organisms are used to prevent the very diseases from which they are made.

The main difference between homoeopathic prophylaxis and vaccination is that vaccines contain numerous additives harmful for health, work at a biochemical level only, and bypass the body’s early defence mechanisms when injected directly into muscle.

In contrast, a homoeopathic remedy has no dangerous additives and through a process of potentisation is prepared so no molecules of the infecting organism or virus remain.

Physics does not yet have tools or equipment sensitive enough to measure what is happening at the level of the homeopathic effect so how it works is not yet fully understood. What is suspected is that the remedy (prophylactic) carries an energetic imprint of the original substance into the body that stimulates resistance to the targeted disease.

While some prophylactics are commonly prepared, just like vaccines, from the infecting organism or virus, this is not always necessary. Any remedy that produces symptoms similar to those of the disease can have a protective effect against that disease.

For this reason, many common homoeopathic remedies used for a range of day-to-day minor complaints can also be used for their protective effects against serious infectious diseases – symptom similarity is all that is necessary.

Prophylactic remedies have been used for common childhood diseases such as [REDACTED], measles, mumps and chickenpox, as well as more serious diseases such as diphtheria, leptospirosis and meningococcal disease. The remedies are equally suitable for infants, children or adults.

Homoeopathic prophylactics are used with travellers, pets and farm animals and an increasing number are being identified for plant diseases and pests.

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