What we REALLY said…

Sometimes the media and others just don’t get it right when reporting what we have said or done.

In fact, they sometimes get it very wrong.

On this page, we put the record straight and tell you the truth of what really happened.

Entries of events are dated and listed in the reverse order of their occurrence.

In coming weeks they will be added to on a regular basis as we work through past and current misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and sometimes, the outright lies.



12.12.04 – Fran Sheffield, Woo Woo, and Domestic Violence

Name: Tory Shepherd, Journalist.

Where: The Punch (December 4, 2012)

Link: Why wallowing in woo woo is bad for your health

Tory says: “Fran Sheffield is a Sydney homeopath…”

We say: No, she is not.

Tory says: “…who claims, among other things, that homeopathy can be helpful in “treating” domestic violence.”

We say: No, she did not.

What we REALLY said: “…homeopathy treats excesses of human behaviour. It places us back in control of our emotions and responses that, as part of ill-health, once controlled us. We then get to choose how we act and behave.”

Tory says: “Her website…”

We say: The Homeopathy Plus website does not belong to Fran Sheffield.

Tory says: “…claims that homeopathic medicines can be used in first aid, for autism, for AIDS. They can’t. They don’t work. They’re mostly a mixture of water and magical thinking, and if you tried to treat someone in anaphylactic shock with a bit of diluted flower petal you’d have a very clear example of the harm woo woo can do.”

We say: Tory has several misconceptions about homeopathy. We encourage her to source her information from those expert in homeopathy so she is in a better position to give an accurate appraisal of what homeopathy is and is not.



12.12.03 – Homeopathy Plus, Whooping Cough and the Bent Spoon

Name: Bridie Smith, Reporter.

Where: Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and numerous Fairfax subsidiary newspapers (December 3, 2012)

Example: Homeopathy claim wins preposterous piffle award

Bridie said:[REDACTED]

What we REALLY said: We did not personally make those claims. We said, [REDACTED]

Bridie (and reportedly, Tim Mendham) said: “The ACCC investigated them and found that that is not just wrong but that the claims are a gross misrepresentation,’ said the Australian Skeptics executive officer, Tim Mendham.”

We say: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) did not comment, as implied, on the information to which Bridie refers. [REDACTED] it did not say that it, “…found that that is not just wrong but that the claims are a gross misrepresentation,” as Tim Mendham is reported to have stated.

Bridie said: “Fairfax Media did not get a response from Fran Sheffield or Homeopathy Plus.”

We say: It is not surprising that one phone call made to a closed business premises on a Sunday afternoon at 3.20pm did not produce a response. However, we did respond to Bridie the following morning (Monday).



12.12.03 – Australian Doctor, Fran Sheffield and the Bent Spoon

Name: Kate Newton, Journalist.

Where: Australian Doctor (December 3, 2012)

Link: Homeopathy claim wins piffle award

Kate said: “Ms Sheffield received multiple nominations for her claims that [REDACTED]

What we REALLY said: In spite of existing evidence [REDACTED]

Kate said: “Those claims were investigated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which found they were ‘misleading and deceptive’.”

We say: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), also with incorrect statements in its findings, said [REDACTED]


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