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Deaths from Emerging Superbugs – Homeopathy has an Answer


Number 63But before we become too alarmed we should remember there’s plenty of research to show that homeopathy safely and inexpensively curtails this problem. One example is:
In 2005, at an intensive care unit of a Vienna hospital, 70 patients with severe sepsis (life-threatening infection) were enrolled in a trial and their survival rates assessed. At day 30, 81.8% of the homeopathic patients were still alive but only 67.7% of those given a placebo. At day 180, the gap had widened with 75.8% of homeopathic patients still alive but only 50.0% of the placebo patients. No adverse effects were reported.
Other research from coughs and colds to more serious sepsis is found in our own research section (

The additional good news is that homeopathy treats the symptoms of both bacterial and viral infections. And that bacteria don’t develop resistance to homeopathic remedies.
Now, would somebody please tell the war cabinets?

More Information: Who Warns of Drug Resistant Superbugs

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