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“My Face is Being Blown Off” 1

“My Face is Being Blown Off”

“When I press on that spot I feel unhinged, disconnected, like I’m floating. If I look in the mirror when I touch that spot I can’t tell the difference between me and my reflection.”

Cows Benefit From Homeopathy 2

Cows Benefit From Homeopathy

An observational pilot study showed that cows with udder inflammation benefited from a combination homeopathic remedy applied directly to their teats.

Homeopathy for Food Poisoning 3

Homeopathy for Food Poisoning

The conventional and homeopathic approach to food poisoning is compared. Five useful remedies for treating it at home are presented.

Homeopathic Approach to Epilepsy 5

Homeopathic Approach to Epilepsy

“Homeopathic approach stabilizes the Central nervous system after taking into account the physical symptoms, emotional and genetic make-up that individualizes a person …”

Homeopathy for Croup 6

Homeopathy for Croup

Aconite & Belladonna are two remedies for sudden croupy coughs … but only when symptoms match. Learn about other key remedies for croup-related symptoms.

Heart Disease and Homeopathy 8

Heart Disease and Homeopathy

This doctor lists the key remedies he uses for heart-related symptoms such as heaviness in the chest, palpitations, breathlessness, shock-like pains, and mental distress.

Antidoting Drug Reactions 9

Antidoting Drug Reactions

Have you ever suffered a mild or serious side effect from taking a drug? Homeopathy has several options for antidoting the worst of them. Here’s one.