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Homeopathy for Acne

The homeopathic approach to acne draws from many remedies that cover symptoms such as pustules, sensitivity to cold, thick, hard, honey coloured scabs, itching when warm, and more.

Homeopathy for Indigestion

Jeff suffered from indigestion, heart-burn worse from bread, and wind. Can you guess which remedy did the trick? See more remedy suggestions for these problems.

Cocculus for ‘Snow White’

Looking after 7 family members had taken its toll on this 91yr old grandma. She was bed-ridden, lacked appetite, felt weak in the knees, and had stubborn mucus. Cocculus did wonders!

Remedies for Measles Symptoms

Measles – Lots of mucus? Frequent clearing of throat? Sensitive to light? Burning eyes? Bursting headache? Homeopathy treats these and other symptoms.

Remedies for Stomach Problems

Our physical and mental-emotional states are linked – what affects one often affects the other. Presented here are seven remedies for stomach problems caused by grief. 

Novella-Saine Post-Debate Q & A

“To better illustrate the practice of homeopathy, let me briefly describe how it is applied in a patient with an acute disease, e.g., pneumonia.” 

Must Have … Gelsemium!

Have you tried this handy remedy when you become unwell from excitement, can’t concentrate, have headaches with neck/shoulder soreness, or fever with cold feet or thirstlessness?

Rise of Scientific Fundalism

“Organized skepticism is fast becoming a malignant force that masquerades as science but functions as a very deceptive and effective form of scientific thought police.”

Homeopathy for Haemorrhoids

The homeopathic and conventional approach to haemorrhoids is compared. Included is a list of helpful remedies and links to relevant research.