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NHMRC: Scientific Scandal

The current NHMRC Homeopathy Report affects the lives and health of us all so why did the NHMRC quietly hide the first report? It’s time for scientific integrity – release that first report!

The End of Life Remedies

Homeopathy has a valuable role to play in end-of-life symptoms and transition. How? Many remedies tackle collapse, coldness, pain fears of death, gasping, and more.

Must Have… Arnica!

Arnica is an all-rounder in the homeopathic home-kit and definitely a ‘must have’ for bruises, trauma, muscle soreness, swelling, stiffness, skin damage and more.

Remedies for Osteoarthritis

What to do when joints creak and crack, and everything hurts? Take a look at 17 remedies and 3 cell salts used by homeopathy for the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Homeopathy and Rabies

In some parts of the world, rabies is still prevalent and homeopathy is still used during its treatment. A doctor lists several remedies that correspond to rabies-like symptoms.

Homeopathy for a Pinched Nerve

“When pinched nerve is concerned there are many effective medicines available in Homoeopathy, but the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient”. But which remedy?

Homeopathy and Anxiety

Be inspired with this case presentation of a 32-year-old female who experienced panic attacks 1-2 times a week. Since homeopathy, she has bee panic-attack free and is enjoying life.

Psoriasis and Homeopathy

Compare the homeopathic and conventional approaches to the management of psoriasis. Remedy profiles for common presentations are provided.

Taking the Case of a Child

For homeopaths, taking the case history of a child is nowhere near the same as taking the case of an adult. Discover why, and the remedies homeopaths think of for children’s emotional upsets.