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Crohn’s Disease and Colitis

A medical doctor says of homeopathy: “In clinical practice, I have come across countless cases, in various stages of IBD and have had extremely positive results”.

Remedies for Vitiligo

If you’re suffering from common vitiligo symptoms such as white patches, prickling sensations, burning and dampness, these common homeopathic remedies can help.

NZ Dairy Farmers use Homeopathy

The Gray’s favourite remedies include gunpowder for infection, phytolacca for mastitis, ignatia for milk let down and settling calves, arnica for traumatic births, and more.

Remedies for Arthritis

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to arthritis. A list of related research and key remedies for this disabling problem are provided.

Homesickness and Homeopathy

Leaving a familiar environment to resettle somewhere else results in numerous changes, losses and adjustments. Here's a list of 11 common homesickness remedies.

Charlie Chamomilla

The symptom profiles of homeopathic remedies are easily turned into stories or pictures to help us remember when to use them ... and this guide has done just that. Take a look.

Drug Resistant Infections

“In the United States, two million people contract drug resistant infections annually, and 162,000 die from them…” What can homeopathy offer? A lot.

Why Homeopathy for Fractures?

The conventional and homeopathic approach to broken bones is compared. Key remedies that stimulate healing and address the swelling and pain of fractures are discussed.

Understanding Potency

Homeopathy remedies come in different potencies, and from different potency scales. This helpful article removes the confusion and explains the what, when, & how of potencies.