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5 Remedies for Piles

Here’s a guide on everything you did and didn’t want to know about haemorrhoids. It includes 5 key remedies homeopaths use in their treatment. 

US: FDA and Homeopathy

“Is the FDA acting out of malicious intent or willful ignorance in publishing a new draft guidance on homeopathics which would effectively treat them like pharmaceutical drugs…” 

Homeopathy and Vaccine injury

A doctor asks, “…does the doctor offer help and support, just dismiss the parents, or worse, give totally useless and harmful advice?” following an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

Cancer Remission and Homeopathy

Case studies presented by the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation included brain, lung, bladder, bone and oesophageal tumours. 

Homeopathy and a Broken Heart

“Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart syndrome, is an acute syndrome first described in Japan in 1990 which occurs mainly in women and can mimic a heart attack.“ 

Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Here’s a doctor’s list of 9 key remedies for painful mouth ulcers. The range of symptoms they’re associated with may surprise you … but that’s homeopathy.

Homeopathy & Jenny’s Allergies

“Six to eight weeks into the treatment I became aware that I was no longer suffering the violent allergic reactions that had been such a distressing part of my life.” 

60 Reasons for Homeopathy

The one remedy often covers many different symptoms … remedies have no chemical side effects … they are non-addictive. Can you think of other reasons?