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Air Pollution Remedies 1

Air Pollution Remedies

Intense or chronic exposure to air pollution causes eye irritation, nasal discharges, breathing difficulties, and other serious health problems. Help is at hand with homeopathy.

Confident mothering 2

Confident mothering

“In less than 50 minutes, this mum had cured her daughter without fuss. Just four tiny pills in the hands of a knowledgeable mum. A mum who wholly depended on homeopathy”.

Remedies for Keloid Scarring 4

Remedies for Keloid Scarring

Keloid scars, with their raised and lumpy appearance, can be disfiguring but even here homeopathy helps. Here are six key remedies.

Big Questions on Homeopathy 5

Big Questions on Homeopathy

“What kind of reasoning allows doctors whose studies at medical school have only covered conventional medicine to suddenly become the guardians of an alternative medical tradition?”

Must Have… Aconitum napellus 6

Must Have… Aconitum napellus

This fast-acting remedy deserves a place in every home-use kit. It suits illnesses with irritability, sensitiveness and anxiety following exposure to cold, dry wind, and much more.

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle 8

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle

A woman with a swollen ankle, sacral pain and insomnia responds to homeopathy. The overlap of conventional and homeopathic treatments in this case is discussed.

Chikungunya Fever Remedies 9

Chikungunya Fever Remedies

“The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Chikungunya but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility…several homeopathic medicines for chikungunya fever are available.”