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Encopresis in a 9-year-old Boy 1

Encopresis in a 9-year-old Boy

Constipation and soiling affect an estimated 4% of school-aged children. Follow the treatment protocol, including that of homeopathy, of a young boy affected by this problem.

Don't Suppress Symptoms 2

Don’t Suppress Symptoms

Homeopathy has a unique way of viewing symptoms. It’s as if our body is a movie screen presenting them as an outward expression of what is really going on inside.

Homeopathy for Infected Wounds 3

Homeopathy for Infected Wounds

Case reports tell how homeopathy met the challenge of infected wounds, lacerations, bites, cellulitis, and more. It’s what we need to hear these days of increasing antibiotic resistance.

Six Remedies for Insect Stings 5

Six Remedies for Insect Stings

Learn how to handle shock, nervousness, numbing, tingling, violent burning, blisters, rapid swelling that’s worse for warmth, itchy, blotchy skin, and more with homeopathy.

Hay Fever and Homeopathy 7

Hay Fever and Homeopathy

Who knew that eating beta carotene rich foods would help combat hay fever? Read about this and other insights, including homeopathy, for natural hay fever control.

Gunpowder as a Remedy?? 8

Gunpowder as a Remedy??

Definitely! In days past, it was taken by soldiers as a teaspoon dose mixed in hot water as a remedy for infections with pus. It continues to help the same conditions, today. 

Remedies for Epilepsy Symptoms 9

Remedies for Epilepsy Symptoms

Compare and contrast the conventional and homeopathic approach to epilepsy, and the remedies traditionally used for seizure-related symptoms. Includes links to relevant research.