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Homeopathy: Improving Memory 1

Homeopathy: Improving Memory

Think of these remedies for memory. Associated symptoms include slow comprehension, embarrassment, bouts of anger, mental exhaustion, rudeness, and more.

Homeopathic Options for Anxiety 2

Homeopathic Options for Anxiety

Dry mouth, fear of heights, feelings of inadequacy, panic, traumatic experiences, digestive disturbances, timidity, and more? One of these 6 remedies may help.

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy 3

Benign Epilepsy and Homeopathy

“The seizures started at age 8 after the death of her grand-mother whom she was very close to. Episodes included salivation, tingling in hands & convulsive movements of the arms.”

Homeopathy for Haemorrhoids 4

Homeopathy for Haemorrhoids

The homeopathic and conventional approach to haemorrhoids is compared. A list of helpful remedies and links to relevant researches provided.

Homeopathy for Carpal Tunnel 5

Homeopathy for Carpal Tunnel

When all remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome cover its usual symptoms, how do you choose the right one? Look for the one that matches the unusual symptoms of the sufferer.

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle 6

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle

A woman with a swollen ankle, sacral pain, and insomnia, responds to homeopathy. The overlap of conventional and homeopathic treatments of this case is discussed.

Dementia & Homeopathy 7

Dementia & Homeopathy

A comparison between the conventional and homeopathic approach to dementia is provided. A list of useful remedies and related research is included.

Remedies for Arthritis 8

Remedies for Arthritis

The selection of homeopathic medicine for arthritis is based individualisation and symptom similarity by using a holistic approach. These remedies may be considered.

7 Top Remedies for Glaucoma 9

7 Top Remedies for Glaucoma

A doctor discusses remedies he uses again and again for glaucoma and its symptoms – fullness, tiredness, dim vision, increased intraocular pressure, and more.