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Homeopathy for Osteoporosis 1

Homeopathy for Osteoporosis

The misery must have run deep for someone to write a poem about shingles but … here it is. Two doctors also provide a list of go-to remedies for this painful complaint.

Remedies for Nausea 2

Remedies for Nausea

A doctor shares her strategies for managing nausea during pregnancy. Here’s her 5 tips and 7 homeopathic remedies to ease that morning or all-day sickness.

Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue 4

Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to this frustrating problem. Lists of useful homeopathic remedies and relevant studies are included.

Homeopathy for Nasal Polyps 5

Homeopathy for Nasal Polyps

Common symptoms include a runny nose, persistent stuffiness, loss of smell, lack of taste, and facial pain. What do homeopathic remedies cover? These symptoms and more.

Aging Wisely with Homeopathy 6

Aging Wisely with Homeopathy

The good doctors from the BHA take a look at homeopathy for the difficulties of aging – grief, constipation, prostate problems, isolation, mental slowness, and sleep problems.

Remedies for Osteoarthritis 7

Remedies for Osteoarthritis

What to do when joints creak and crack, and everything hurts? These 17 remedies and 3 cell salts are regularly used for the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Taking the Case of a Child 8

Taking the Case of a Child

“… observation requires a skilful perceiving and recognizing of most subtle nuances in behavior and comportment, in appearance and presentation of the child patient …”

Headache and Homeopathics 9

Headache and Homeopathics

Compare the conventional and homeopathic approach to headaches and migraines. Key remedies and a list of relevant studies are included.