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We Love Homeopathy Because…

We invited people to tell us in 250 words or less why they loved homeopathy and how it had helped them. Below are some of the responses.

It is natural and targets the cause not the symptom.

— JC

What else can be used for your family , your pets and your garden safely, effectively and causing no harm personally or to the environment whilst not breaking the bank. Got to love that.

— KB

What I love about homeopathy, is that it’s so fascinating the wa the practitioner can work with the remedies on so many levels and in quite different ways. The more I read about homeopathy, the more I am drawn in by the like-heals-like principal, and the more I want to learn. I have used combined remedies available from health food stores for treating my children and myself for about 5 years to good avail, but now I am getting more interested in finding the right remedy, that matches the symptoms correctly. It feels like I’m learning how to be a health detective, and starting to look more closely at the whole person, the symptoms, and emotions that underlie the personality types or constitutions described in certain homeopathic literature. I find this information also helps me to be more patient with my children, and accept just how inherently different we all are, and how some of us, are quite similar. Homeopathic remedies appeal to me for use with babies and children, because it’s easy to get them to take it, and most of all feels like a safe and gentle way of treating and balancing those pure and precious little beings, at home. I also love how I can keep a few useful remedies in my handbag, and feel prepared for the rigours, bites, bumps and meltdowns of family life. I look forward to learning ever more about this wonderfully exciting
and wholistic approach to health in the future, and improving the wellbeing of myself and my loved ones along the way.

— NK

i hav extremely crippling pain in my body 4 many yeras went last week to a wee little intro workshop & they gave me a sprain & strain relief & i seem to b almost pain free

— J

When my partner had his first episode of atrial fibrillation in 2001, I knew almost nothing of homeopathy. Research in 2006 into the possible ill-effects of vaccinating a newborn grandchild with
hepatitis B was the first indication I had of the exclusive place of homeopathy in restoring health. It was the only way to directly counter the effects I was seeing firsthand. My partner’s episodes of atrial fibrillation increased in frequency. I searched for practitioners who had experience in treating this and found none close by, so I started studying homeopathy myself. Only to find out just how powerful it was and how overwhelming it could be for a beginner. Then an experienced homeopath alerted me to a homeopathic heart clinic in Naghpur, India, and we went from there with emails and phone consultations. It did not stop the episodes completely but it did give my partner some tools to use to head off an attack when he started to feel the symptoms. We are so lucky to have this modality of medicine available in Australia. I love Homeopathy because it treats people as individuals, and because it is flexible enough to allow distance consultations when there is little alternative. I love Homeopathy because it gives hope to the parents and grandparents of children who suffer badly and mostly silently from the awesome damage inflicted by the official vaccination program.
All the best

— JH

My son had whooping cough. I took him to a homeopath (my Mum suggested I take him) who prescribed Drosera for him, within 3 days, the cough had
gone. I researched homeopathy and found that homeopathy compliments Chiropractic (I have grown up getting adjusted all my life) to help the body to heal itself. Whenever the kids start to get sick, they have a remedy, then we go to the Chiropractor for a powerful adjustment.

— NU

I love that homeopathy is simple, yet effective. It has helped me greatly with hayfever and with my fear of dogs.

— KH

How safe and easy it is to use and the effectiveness of it.

I use it on all my family members from insect bites to burns, indigestion, kids fever and to treat colds and flu throughout the winter season. It’s gentle but powerful in healing the body. We have not used over the counter meds since discovering homeopathy and we’re very glad about that.

— NT

TheI like the fact that Homoeopathy uses natural products from nature and uses different remedies for each individual after assessing the persons physical and mental symptoms.

— LR

I love homeopathy simply because it works without side efffects. I have been treated for several things including breast cancer. While I did have a masectomy I have had no chemotherapy and no further trouble in 3 years.. Emotionally homeopathy was a tremendous help also. I can only say thank you for homeopathy!!!!!!

— FM

Simply because it works.
I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for years. I have seen councellors thinking it was related to my mums death and not grieving properly, herbalists, natropaths the works. The only time I have had success is once I started using homeopathy. It has also helped incredibily with my mood swings and hormone imbalance. Nowadays there is much coming to light regarding hormone balance for losing weight, menopause and women being estrogen dominant in todays society. Homeopathy has helped me where everything else has failed So how can I not love something that has given me peace when at times I felt like if I was to live this way for ever I would not be able to take this. It has made me feel more relaxed, calmer and balanced and centered. It is easy to use, harmless and cost effective and not invasive

— Tracy

I love that it can assist in a natural way in looking after your health and wellbeing 🙂

— CH

I don’t need 250 words to let you know why I love homeopathy !! It’s all natural and it works !! Can’t ask for more than that !!

— JS

I love Homeopathy because there is a remedy for every illness or symptom, a cure for every disease. It is so easy to use and my kids love it! I have found it essential in the treatment of colds/coughs and flus and treating tropical infections, often its been the only medicine that works for my kids. In the middle of the night treating a child with croup or whooping cough is often exhausting and can lead to long waits in the ER, then i remember my mother/child homeopathy kit and find the right remedy with often immediate results and relief! I wouldnt be without my kit! Thanks Homeopathy Plus! We can rest easy and sleep at night. Happy mother of 5 boys- Jo Butler

— JB

I love homeopath because it is better and natural way life, without all the tonxics in our bodies.
It works on all parts of our body and is so very gentle.

— LP

Peaceful &harmonize

— BC

What do I love about homeopathy? Well, because it can and does bring peace and calm to troubled lives. Clearly it works on the basis of do no harm and acts in a way to kindly help the individual physically, spiritually and mentally whilst seeking to bring about true healing from the bottom up or from the inside out as it were unlike other modalities which might rather work on plastering over the surface cracks to give an outward appearance that all is calm and all the while underneath there is still the ongoing turmoil and problems bubbling along creating havoc and pain in the individuals life. What is also very appealing is that Homeopathy works to unify all parts of our being so that individually we can function with true harmony, and then possibly bring about greater harmony in our environment.

— MJ

I love homeopathy because it is very close to natural healing & it is the only healing method that not only provide physical treatment but also restores mental & spiritual well being at the same time without pesky side effects. No other system of medicine is as holistic and yet natural as homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are not only diluted but are miraculous in nature as they stimulate healing from within to restore health at its fullest. I have used homeopathy all my life occasionally & always loved the precious pilules & drops that were easy to take without annoying taste. My love for homeopathy became my passion to use it to heal others and I started studying it.

— AS

Physicians oath is first do no harm…this cannot be said for traditional allopathic medicines..but, can be said for homeopathic treatment of disease..always my first choice for healing for this

— AM

I am a staunch supporter of Homeopathy. Niow in my late 60s I have found it excellent for problems of old age maintainance. My Homeopathic doctor has prescribed Latrodectus (from black widow spider) and Crataegus (hawthorn berries) which have helped strengthen my heart. My cardiologist says ” just keep doing what you are doing – something is working” Also I have had no further problemss with IBS after taking Homeopathic medicines.. Homepathic medicines cost a fraction of orthodox pharmacueticals and could be saving society a great deal.

— DF

The ability that homeopathy gives the body to heal itself.

— LS

Ease of use.
Hard to make a mistake.
Easy to stop the Action if a mistake is made.
Great Results even for novices.
Easy to learn how to use Remedies.
Ease of ordering from Homeopathy Plus.

— RH

Homeopathy shows me the love and care God has for all created things. It has given me a peace about health that can only come with complete confidence in a system of healing that I have seen cure my family and our animals now for almost 30 years. I am anxious to start using homeopathy in our garden. My hope is for all to experience this greatest of gifts to humankind. We must be humble enough to not think we have to know exactly how everything works, but to trust our instincts and to see the obvious.

— CP

oh, since I discovered homeopathy I feel I am able to heal myself . As we all are allowed to understand our own health and to be able to help ourself with fast, less painful and harmless therapy(if applied correctly).Thats what homeopathy means for me. I have suffered many years with bothering symptoms every day due to wrongly treated illnesses so I had to help myself other than conventional way and homeopathy managed to fix it all. What more to say.It is amazing discovery in Naturopathy and hope it just keeps paying back more and more to help people.

— JM

oh, since I discovered homeopathy I feel I am able to heal myself . As we all are allowed to understand our own health and to be able to help ourself with fast, less painful and harmless therapy(if applied correctly).Thats what homeopathy means for me. I have suffered many years with bothering symptoms every day due to wrongly treated illnesses so I had to help myself other than conventional way and homeopathy managed to fix it all. What more to say.It is amazing discovery in Naturopathy and hope it just keeps paying back more and more to help people.

— JM

I LOVE homeopathy and run the popular Homeopathy Heals Me website to promote its exceptional value. I have used nothing else since 1991
when I took my last antibiotics! It has cured everything I had wrong with me since then, including broken ankles (Symphytum), cystitis and at least 15 doses of flu. So many different things, I can hardly remember them all, as there is a remedy for everything, it is just a matter of working it out. My family also have benefitted hugely. I wouldn’t be without it. Far better than poisoning yourself with dangerous chemical drugs which have no place in the human body and only SUPPRESS symptoms, driving them deeper and causing more serious illness, never curing anything.

— LM

As a teenager having already been introduced to Homoeopathy by my father I have a natural love for this line of treatment for the
following reasons:
a) It is holistic
b) it generally shows no side effects
c) Chronic cases are cured
d) A child can grow up depending
entirely on homoeopathy.
e) Remedy is one for a number of ailments
f) It requires knowledge and acumen to select
the right remedy
g) It takes care of both body and mind
h) Lastly it is not bitter in taste

— CC

There are so many things I love about homeopathy, but the two main things are the safety of it and the success of it. So simple and I can’t believe more people don’t give it a go.

— TH

I love that it works.
I love that I can give my kids a homeopathic remedy for pain/shock/teething/bruises/splinters/colds/infections etc and not have to worry about side effects.
I don’t have to worry about them sucking a toxic cream off an infected finger or taking Panadol multiple times a day for two weeks straight while teething because I don’t need those other, conventional, products anymore. Homeopathy has had an answer for every issue my kids have faced. Knowing our constitutional remedy means we can head off illness before it overwhelms us; no more ‘man colds’ for my husband! I have a nephew a similar age to my youngest daughter and I believe they share the same constitution but as my sister has never used homeopathy with her family the difference in the health of our two kids is remarkable. The older the kids grow (and the more I use homeopathy with my daughter, and the more my sister relies on mainstream medication for her son) the wider the gap is growing in their health.
I know homeopathy can be hard for a newcomer to get their head around at first but it’s worth persisting with. Use the complexes if you need, and find a good homeopath who you can respect. My first visit to a homeopath wasn’t that great and after a couple of visits I listened to my gut and found someone else who I could respect and who listened to everything I had to say before forming an opinion and the results were worth the effort.
Give homeopathy a try and once you’ve seen it work you will always reach for it first in the future!

– S

What I love about homeopathy is that it seems so simple yet it is so complex. At times I grapple with just how it works but I know it does work for me and my family. I seem to have absorbed some of the information about certain remedies prescribed by our homeopath as I reach for them without question on certain occasions. Other times I look up my Encyclopedia of Homeopathy. I find the origins of the remedies fascinating and enthralling. I have had to rely less on running to the doctor at the drop of a hat. I feel empowered when I can administer a remedy where an antibiotic would normally be prescribed. There are certain illnesses I find my husband and children are pre-disposed to but I am confident when I administer Ars Alb for upset tummies or Aconite for the onset of fever. And for the inevitable ear infections I use Hep Sulp. It is a modality I would dearly love to study in the future. I believe it is so powerful yet much maligned at times. I think it works well on those with sensitive systems.

— KC

I love that with Homeopathy i can be in control of my families health.

I can treat myself while pregnant or even in labour (worked a treat!) knowing im not harming my precious unborn I can treat my husband without bugging him to make an appointment in
his busy schedule I can treat my children knowing im investing in their overall health by not prescribing doses of harmful antibiotics to their immature immune systems
I know my body and i am worth every amazing dose of Homeopathic goodness!

— KC

I have been practicing Homeopathy for over 25 Yrs the reason why is because it works! I read many many books on the subject and I can’t get enough of it , it’s to bad many people have a closed mind and don’t give it a try it has helped with children’s teething , colds ,headaches , sore throats there is nothing it does not help look forward to learn all I can I am obessed my house has shelves and shelves of remedies and it all began with the tissue salts and would not be without them

— CF

>From the age of 6 months to 7 years of age, my son (now 16), had horrific temper tantrums. When he would get into one of his “moods” all hell would break loose: One day he broke 3 windows. Another day the police showed up at our door because neighbors complained about all the noise coming from our house. When driving in the car, he would throw everything within reach at the windshield (including his shoes – I would have to think in advance and remove them prior to getting him into his car seat). He would bite, scream, throw, break… I was at my wits end.

My friend had just completed her homeopathic studies and offered to take his case. She had my son draw pictures (all of which were filled with explosives- bombs and grenades) and followed him around observing him and asking questions. She prescribed a dose of homeopathic gunpowder. One dose and the tantrums were over. It has been 9 years since and my child is now the most wonderful,sweet tempered, lovely kids I know. I have been a believer in homeopathy ever since.

— KW

I discovered homeopathy about 16 years ago when my 4 year old had a skin problem. I got to compare the specialist’s proposal of multiple tests, hugely restrictive diet and some medications. We saw the homeopath just after starting this regime and the problem cleared over night. The drugs, which we promptly discontinued, were a few months later linked to brain damage in children. Since then homeopathy has done wonderful things (including sorting some very significant issues) for all my family and in my zeal to “spread the word” I am now almost finished a formal qualification in

— DW

As a professional homeopath I love homeopathy for its simplicity and also its complexity. In simplicity I love to see those clear as a bell cases that respond to a remedy with clear and consistent improvement. I see this most often in children and delight in finding a remedy that I know will suit a child for many years to come.

In complexity I love to study remedies and their relationships to one another and to the original substance. I also love working on difficult cases and finally finding a remedy which helps the person on their journey towards health.

Homeopathy is always interesting and is a life long learning for any homeopath. I am grateful to have found this career path, as I love
what I do!

— MC

I love it because my family can keep well without having to go to a doctor. My children have never had anything except remedies to help with colds or teething or any other thing that has come up. I feel it has also helped me have successful pregnancies and births.

— RW

I love that it has no side effects. I have a chronic medical condition and the prescription medications I was taking prior to homeopathy had horrible side effects. I only use homeopathy now!

— SW

I love many, many aspects of homeopathy but at the very top of the list would be the fact that I have a say and some control over my body and, more importantly, my beautiful children’s health. So many times I have questioned a specialist or gp only to see them roll their eyes and continue with their stock standard treatment. Homeopathy understands that we are all unique and need individual treatment. My kids also love it when I go to my “magic kit” and can find something to make them feel better. I am so happy that they are growing up with an understanding that I came to much later in life. Thank you.

— CR

I love homeopathy as it treats the whole person, assisting the healing process very quickly without causing any damage. I love that I can treat my family, with quick results for an incredible array of symptoms. I save money not needing to go to the doctor or chemist for every little healing crisis. I am confident and reassured by knowing that the homeopathic remedies cause no harm, by overdose or toxic side effects.

— KM

a small grandkid recently came into my care, I used homeopathy when my kids were little many years ago. I lost touch with it all but am interested again because many of the remedies I used back then helped my little kids.

— JH

ideal cure and gentle based on simila similabus curenteur

— GD

We LOVE homeopathy – we love that it is safe, without dangerous side effects and it works!
Here are just a few reasons we have confidence in homeopathy: Our first experience was watching our little boy’s eczema change from skin so dry, red and bleeding back to his baby soft, clear, beautiful skin. If homeopathy could do this for our baby, we were hooked! For years I was being knocked down by flus every 2 to 4 weeks. Now with homeopathic Flu Stop I’m well month after month, year after

Due to a past severe allergic reaction my daughter refuses to take conventional medicine. We love that there are no battles for her to take homeopathic medication.

Side effects of vaccinations concern our family. We so appreciate the peace of mind that homeopathic vaccinations provide – a safe and protective alternative.

Even in the animal world we have seen homeopathy help calm our nervy little puppy. For any who may hesitate or feel a little sceptical, watching animals and small children respond to treatments builds trust in this way of promoting better health.

Homeopathy has truly turned our family’s life around – from our box of homeopathic first aid remedies at home to help with stings, falls and tummy aches to being able to see a homeopathic practitioner for the bigger health issues – we are convinced that homeopathy is an excellent way to care for our family.


its magicestical doseage of five little drops under the tongue to restore the bodys system to optimal health is an amazing cell reactivator with minimal side effects so easy to use for young and old alike. It has changed my whole families health from hayfever to sunburn , coughs and colds those brown little bottles are like liquid gold. thank you for introducing me to homeopathy.


Homeopathy is lovely and enjoyable healing.Patients eagerly wait to consume the medicine.No problems for childrens too unlike Allopathy where medicines are forced in their tiny mouths.


Of the homeopathic products I used I love the natural way they work with my mind , body & spirit .


I first started to use homeopathic treatments when my son was only 8 weeks old. A small baby, having nothing but breast milk as his diet, broke out in a rash all over his tiny body. Being a young and first time mother, I was concerned so took him to our doctor. The doctor not at all impressed with me bringing him in, said “Babies break out in rashes all the time, do you want to make my time worthwhile and give him his 8 week needles?” I replied” No! his little body is dealing with something, I will leave it thanks.”

I walk out, not at all impressed. I rang a homeopath, who was able to see me the next day. He took one look at my son and said it is eczema, and asked if he had just had his needles? “No, I replied, why does that effect them?” He urged me to do reasearch, and treated my son’s eczema, very effectively. I have never looked back since. My first point of call with any health issues is Homepathic treatments, which always work. We rarely visit a doctor now a days. I love that homeopathic treatments work with the body’s natural healing. Regards


I love homeopathy because i am a professional homeopath and practicing since 1997 in pakistan and i found homeopathy as a good sourse of treatment for notonly huminbeings but also for animals I also visit your cite and improve my knowelge to read your reasurch articles and latest news on homeopathy on this side I realy appriciate your efforts on this regard thanks


It helps me with my life.





I love homeopathy simply because it works. It helps the body to regain its balance. It is most effective in young ones, but it works for me because I am sensitive to changes in my body and if I act quickly to address the imbalance, I can regain my health very quickly. The next thing i love is that there are no side effects of using homeopathy.


If your body reacts to prescribed drugs with debilitating side effects,then look into homeopathy. It works with the bodies own natural abilities to ward of disease. You may body test when in doubt if a remedy is suitable for the ailment and the body never lies to you. The remedies are ageless and have passed the test of time and been proven again and again. They only enable the bodies natural ability to fight and win the battle naturally that it is engaging in. My mother was a lifelong practictioner and died at 101 with all her faculties and
I am 76 and the remedies have preserved my family ,friends,and myself time and again when doctor prescribe drugs failed miserably. The wonderful thing is it does not cost an arm and a leg to be well,strong ,and healthy. Long live alternative medicine it works with the body only enhancing its natural abilities to heal itself.


I discovered Homeopathy about 23 years ago when my son, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, had a chronic sinus infection. Despite years of using more and more powerful antibiotics, the infection always returned.

Searching for an alternative to the standard medical treatment which was not working for obvious reasons, I met a woman who was using homeopathic remedies on her children when they were ill. She lent me some of her books, which I read with reckless abandon.

Soon after, I found a homeopathic practitioner and my son had his first dose of a remedy. Of course, he experienced an aggravation of symptoms and a second dose of a different remedy was given.

It was an amazing success – as he has not had another sinus infection and is now 28 years old. Of course I never did tell his family doctor that we use homeopathy. When someone is sick in our household it’s “get me a remedy mom”!

Thanks for letting me share my story.


It works! I loved using on my baby from newborn to now a small child. The remedies are easy to use and work so quickly! Its a relief to see results and improvements on sick children, kids just respond so well to Homeopathy. Yes, I love it!


I love it.It is the best way to maintain a healthy immune system with no side effects.It helps with hay fever,anxieties,gout and far more,too numerous too mention…


I love homeopathy because it is NATURAL – it is how we are meant to treat sickness, because no man made drugs are included in the process of manufacture. I truly believe that the reason so many people don’t live long and healthy lives is because they trust doctors and the drugs they prescribe rather than investigating natural medicine and taking it instead.


Homeopathy is such a great help in improving my son’s health condition. He used to have chronic fever that seeing doctor and consuming antibiotics was what we known to do. With the help of
Children’s Fever Complex, he doesn’t get that often any more. I normally would dose him with that as soon as we see the symptoms, and his fever will subside within hours. Over all, homeopathy is effective healing the damage to our body without using any pharmaceuticals medication which we totally love it!


I love homeopathy because many years ago I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, that was the size of a small apple! Of course the specialist wanted to operate, and there would be a possibility that I would lose the ovary. So I saw a Naturopath who prescribed homeopathy for me. The cyst not only went, but my menstrual cycle also became very regular whereas before homeopathy it never was regular. Homeopathy is very gentle,non invasive but it gets the results you want. I love it!


I love the fact that it works….. I used to suffer with bad cold sores and terrible flu every year … until I discovered Homeopathy.

For the past 5 years since seeing a homeopath I have never suffered with one cold sore or succumbed to a dose of influenza…. the results speak for themselves!!