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Bites & Stings Complex$28.50
Bruises Complex$28.50
Burns Complex$28.50
Chilblains Complex$28.50
Colic Relief Complex$28.50
Cramps (Menstrual) Complex$28.50
Cramps (Muscular) Complex$28.50
Earache Complex$28.50
Fractures (Broken Bones) Complex$28.50
Grazes & Cuts (Lacerations) Complex$28.50
Headache (Migraine) Complex$28.50 $22.80
Headache (Tension) Complex$28.50 $22.80
Heartburn & Reflux Complex$28.50
Indigestion Complex$28.50
Joints (Sore) Complex$28.50
Mouth Ulcer Complex$28.50 $22.80
Phantom Pain Complex$28.50 $22.80
Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spur Pain) Complex$28.50
Puncture Wounds Complex$28.50
Renal Stone Complex$28.50
Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Complex$28.50
Sciatic Pain Complex$28.50
Sensitive Teeth Complex$28.50 $22.80
Shingles Pain Complex$28.50 $22.80
Sinus Pain Complex$28.50
Sore Throat Complex$28.50
Sprains & Strains Complex$28.50
Sunburn Complex$28.50
Teething Complex$28.50
Tonsillitis Complex$28.50
Toothache Complex$28.50
Trigeminal Neuralgia Complex$28.50 $22.80

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