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Wheat and Dairy Allergy 1

Wheat and Dairy Allergy

Two main reasons people give for using homeopathy is that it’s safe, and that it works. But what about those with a wheat or dairy intolerance – can they still use remedies?

The Wrong Remedy! 2

The Wrong Remedy!

Oh no! You just took a dose of your remedy and realised ... it's the wrong one! What should you do? First, no need to panic and, second, check this answer for what is likely to happen.

Q. What is a Nosode? 3

Q. What is a Nosode?

Nosodes are remedies prepared from inactivated micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses, or products of disease such as fluids, discharge, or affected tissue. What else?

Q. 'Kissing Tonsils' - What Can Homeopathy Do? 4

Q. ‘Kissing Tonsils’ – What Can Homeopathy Do?

Does homeopathy make a difference to large, inflamed tonsils, shyness, stunted development, and nail-biting? It sure can! Take a look at what else it can do.

Q&A: Extending the Life of a Liquid Remedy 5

Q&A: Extending the Life of a Liquid Remedy

Q. "Help! I'm running out of my remedy. Is there some way to make it last until I can get a new bottle?" There's a simple way to do it and we tell you how.

Q. Do Homeopathic Remedies Have Side-effects? 6

Q. Do Homeopathic Remedies Have Side-effects?

A. It's a myth that there are no ‘side-effects’ with homeopathy. Here's the lowdown on when and why they happen, and what they mean.

What is Isopathy? 7

What is Isopathy?

Peanuts for peanut allergy? Lead for lead poisoning? You may be thinking about the isopathic approach. Here's an overview of its usefulness and limitations.

Remedy Stop Working? 8

Remedy Stop Working?

Q. Why does a homeopathic remedy stop working when it has produced good results for months? We explore two reasons for this happening.

Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat? 9

Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopaths are often asked if homeopathy treats asthma, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, or any one of a number of diseases. So, what's the answer?