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Simplex Remedies

(Single remedies as liquids or pills)

100 sweet sucrose pills per vial (lactose and gluten free)
Liquid remedies – 120 doses per bottle, mild-tasting water/ethanol mix




Complex Remedies

(also known as combination remedies)

Combination remedies suit simple acute problems
120 doses per bottle

Books and Booklets

Books on homeopathy and related subjects

Introductory and home-use information on homeopathy for people, animals, and plants





Remedies for farms and gardens

Environmentally safe remedies for the treatment of plants, pests, and diseases




Homeoprophylaxis for Animals

Homeopathic immunisation for farm and domestic animals.

Liquid prophylactics remedies for animal diseases
120 doses per bottle




Kits and Bottles

Home-use kits and 20ml glass dropper-top bottles

Home use kits for people and animals / 20ml dropper-top bottles




Bach Flower Remedies

Custom-made combination remedies for mental/emotional symptoms

Your choice of up to seven Bach flowers in each 20ml bottle (120 doses per bottle)




Liquid Tissue Salt Remedies

For physical complaints and symptoms,
in combination, or as singles

Simple-to-use remedies for the family ‘medicine chest’
120 doses per bottle




Health and Lifestyle

General health and lifestyle products products





Homeopathy (and homeopathic adjacent) webinars