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Agrohomeopathy: An Introduction to Healing Plants and Planet with Homeopathy

Agrohomeopathy pioneer, Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj, tells how he first used homeopathy for plants when trying to help diseased apple trees.

Questions: Helix tosta for Snails

Is it best to spray Helix tosta on the leaves or water the remedy into the ground? Does it work with all snails? We answer these and other questions.

Anti-Snails & Slugs Remedy

Savvy gardeners use a certain homeopathic remedy to repel slugs and snails. Here's how they do it. Instructions on how to make the remedy, if so inclined, are also included.

Ask Kaviraj – Issue 4

Looking for help with garden problems such as bindis, onion weed, cherry slugs, ants, and gall wasps? Agrohomeopathy pioneer Kaviraj offered advice on these problems and more.

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 7

Are you wondering what to try for fruit flies, mosquitoes, carpet beetles and grasshoppers? Kaviraj had homeopathic suggestions for these and other problems.

Deter Snails with Homeopathy

Our first experience with agrohomeopathy was when one of our homeopaths tried Helix tosta on her rhubarb plant to see if it deterred snails. Here's what happened.

Agrohomeopathy Dosing Instructions

Keen to make the most of our Agrohomeopathy special but not sure how to use the remedies? See our information sheet for dosage instructions and storage information.

Silica – The Gardener’s Friend

No other remedy has the reputation of doing so much in the garden. It reportedly improves water absorption, corrects weak growth, and protects against transplant shock.

The Top Four Remedies for Gardens and Farms

Are you looking for something safe to keep the caterpillars off your veggies, snails off your plants, and aphids off your vines? Homeopathy rises to the challenge.