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Studies: Preparing for Radiation 1

Studies: Preparing for Radiation

Going for an X-ray, CT scan, mammogram or fluoroscopy? Here’s two studies in which homeopathy protected against radiation exposure. Homeopathy can prevent as well as treat.

Common Cold Treatments 2

Common Cold Treatments

Those down suuth have moved into the colder months of sneezes and sniffles. Discover simple self-help treatments found in the kitchen. Learn about remedies for colds.

Coffee Helps a Sleepless Husband 3

Coffee Helps a Sleepless Husband

“My husband can’t sleep at night unless he has a cup of coffee. I’ve told him it’s the homeopathic effect but he just laughs. Am I right?”

The Right Remedy for the Job 5

The Right Remedy for the Job

Certain homeopathic remedies have an affinity for the different skill-sets of athletes, bartenders, carpenters, and more. They can also be personalised as a gift for that special person.

Remedies for Barking Coughs 8

Remedies for Barking Coughs

Tickly, dry coughs, chesty coughs, croupy coughs- they’re hard to escape in wintery weather but simple self-help tips and the right homeopathic remedy brings relief for the whole family.