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Wound Heals with Homeopathy 2

Wound Heals with Homeopathy

Following surgery a 4-year-old trotter gelding was treated homeopathically for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and delayed wound healing. Recovery followed.

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation 3

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation

A collection of case reports looks at 5 patients, some diabetic, who avoided amputation when their infected gangrenous ulcers were treated with homeopathy.

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD 4

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD

A pilot study of children and teens showed that 63% experienced significant improvement with no side-effects when their ADHD was treated with homeopathy.

Study: High Blood Pressure 5

Study: High Blood Pressure

This study compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of a homeopathic remedy (Veratrum viride) and a common allopathic antihypertensive drug (Atenolol).

Study: Allergies Improve 6

Study: Allergies Improve

The use of homeopathy resulted in significant improvements, no side-effects, and a reduction or complete cessation of other treatments.

Survey: How Are Nosodes Used? 9

Survey: How Are Nosodes Used?

Nosodes are homeopathic remedies prepared from disease-producing bacteria and viruses, or diseased tissue, fluid or discharge. But, how are they used in practice?