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Study: Psoriasis treated by homeopathy

Researchers found that homeopathy improved psoriasis and other pre-existing health problems at the same time. Participants also reported an improved quality of life.

Study: Homeopathy for the Haemophilia Management

The management of haemophilia is expensive management and alternatives are needed for this serious bleeding and clotting disorder in third world nations where factor concentrates are prohibitively expensive. Homeopathy may …

Research: Homeopathy for Ear Infections

Have you ever had an ear infection? If so, you’ll know the urgency of treating the pain and inflammation as quickly as possible. Fortunately, homeopathy has the answer – even …

Research in Homeopathy

“Shown below are abstracts from human, animal, plant and in-vitro scientific studies that attest the reality that there is indeed evidence for homeopathy, and lots of it.”

In Support of “Water Memory”

Research from Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel prize, demonstrates that homeopathic potentisation (dilution and succussion) increases the effect of a substance.