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Organotherapy and the Homeopathic Use of Sarcodes

Homeopathic remedies have the ability to tap into the energetic information carried by healthy secretions and tissues but which remedies are they and how are they used?

Homeopathy for the Incurables

Patients with eczema, asthma, migraine, IBS, menopausal problems, anxiety, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and more ... they were all 'incurable' until homeopathy.

Saved by Homeopathy

Roger Daltrey, of The Who fame, has been a firm advocate for homeopathy ever since his baby son, seemingly close to death, was returned to health by a homeopathic remedy.

Recovering from Heartbreak

It would be wonderful if relationships always ended pleasantly but, people being people, that's not the way it happens sometimes. Homeopathy helps with the emotional fallout.

Homeopathy Made Simple – How Would You Like Your Remedy? (Part 3)

Learn the different ways homeopathic remedies are prepared and packaged, the difference between sugar pills and liquids, and how to use both of them.

Homeopathy Made Simple (Part 1) – First Steps to First Aid

Homeopathy is easy to learn and easy to use. With just a handful of remedies even a beginner can make a big difference for everyday health problems.

Colour Remedies and How They are Used

Remedies prepared from colours produce physical and mental-emotional effects somewhere between those of flower essences and conventional homeopathy.

Remedies For Disasters (Part 2)

Once the immediate threat is over, anger, accusations, grief and ongoing fear grip many. Raw emotions may bubble to the surface. Superficial injuries now need attention.

Instructions for Turning Pills into Liquid Remedies

Learn how to stretch your budget and increase the effectiveness of your remedies. Benefit more by adding this knowledge to our weekly special on vials of pills.