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Recovering from Heartbreak 1

Recovering from Heartbreak

It would be wonderful if relationships always ended pleasantly but, people being people, that’s not always the case. Homeopathy helps with the emotional fallout.

How Often Should I Take My Remedy? 3

How Often Should I Take My Remedy?

“The more intense the symptoms the more frequently the remedy should be given.” Here’s a guide on how often to dose and when improvements should be seen if the remedy is correct.

Homeopathy for the Incurables 6

Homeopathy for the Incurables

Patients with eczema, asthma, migraine, IBS, menopausal problems, anxiety, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and more … they were all ‘incurable’ until homeopathy.

Snake Venom, White Clots, and Homeopathy 7

Snake Venom, White Clots, and Homeopathy

It is now more than two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a world-wide pandemic. Since then much has been learnt about the nature and course of …

Studies: Preparing for Radiation 11

Studies: Preparing for Radiation

Going for an X-ray, CT scan, mammogram or fluoroscopy? Here’s two studies in which homeopathy protected against radiation exposure. Homeopathy can prevent as well as treat.