Custom Bach Flower Blends

The 38 Bach flower essences treat a variety of mental-emotional states, for example, Scleranthus for indecision, Olive for mental exhaustion, Beech for intolerance and critical mindsets, Holly for extreme jealousy, and Larch for feelings of inferiority.

From the list of Bach flower remedies and symptoms below, choose the ones that best match your mental-emotional state and then add them to the drop-down menus. Up to 6 remedies can be combined at a time allowing you to tailor-blend a remedy to suit you or your family’s needs.

Each customised blend costs $24.50 and comes in a 20ml dropper-top bottle with instructions for use, and contains 150 x 4-drop doses of pleasant-tasting liquid.

Bach flowers are suitable for use during pregnancy and by all ages – from newborns to the elderly. They don’t interact with other medications and can be safely used with them.

Bach Flowers


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Try … For …
 1  Agrimony Put on a cheerful face to hide problems
 2  Aspen Have unexplained fears and worries, are nervous and anxious
 3  Beech Are critical and intolerant of others
 4  Centaury Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please
 5  Cerato Doubt your ability to judge situations
 6  Cherry Plum Fear losing control of your behaviuor
 7  Chestnut Bud Fail to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes
 8  Chicory Are overly possessive and expect others to conform to your values
 9  Clematis Day-dream and generally have a lack of interest in the present
 10  Crab Apple Have a poor self image and are ashamed or embarrassed by unpleasant physical symptoms, characteristics or features
 11  Elm Are overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility
 12  Gentian Are easily discouraged, hesitant and despondent
 13  Gorse Feel hopelessness and despair and are pessimistic
 14  Heather Feel self-absorbed, dislike being alone, and are excessively talkative
 15  Holly Have feelings of extreme jealousy, are envious and suspicious
 16  Honeysuckle Live in past, feel homesick or nostalgic
 17  Hornbeam Get the ‘Monday morning’ feeling, doubting ability to face the day’s work
 18  Impatiens Are impatient and easily irritated
 19  Larch Lack self-confidence and feel inferior
 20  Mimulus Have a fear rooted in known causes, e.g. spiders, flying, death, etc.
 21  Mustard Experience unexplained deep gloom that comes and goes for no apparent reason
 22  Oak Are driven by a strong sense of duty, and struggle on although exhausted
 23  Olive Feel exhausted in body and mind
 24  Pine Feel full of guilt, and blame yourself for other people’s mistakes
 25  Red Chestnut Are over anxious or over concerned for others
 26  Rock Rose Have experienced terror, have been frozen in fear and feel helpless
 27  Rock Water Are inflexible, setting yourself very high standards
 28  Scleranthus Suffer from indecision
 29  Star of Bethlehem Have experienced shock, grief or a fright
 30  Sweet Chestnut Are at the limits of endurance and in deep despair
 31  Vervain Are over-enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles and ideas
 32  Vine Are strong-willed with a tendency to be domineering or inflexible
 33  Walnut Face major life changes and are in need of protection from the influences of others
 34  Water Violet Prefer to be alone or are proud and aloof
 35  White Chestnut Have unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries
 36  Wild Oat Are uncertain as to the correct path in life, dissatisfied with current lifestyle, and can’t decide which path to follow
 37  Wild Rose Make little effort to improve situations, are apathetic
 38  Willow Are resentful and have feelings of self pity, ‘poor me’