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VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids

This extract from the Homeopathy for Children webinar series looks at three important remedies for childhood health issues, behavioural problems, learning difficulties.

Video: Agrohomeopathy Research

Giovanni Denali is an Italian professor who’s research focuses on the use of homeopathic remedies to replace herbicides, fungicides and other harmful substances.

Video: ‘Proving’ Research

In order to find out what the remedy can cure, and based on the principle of “like-cures-like”, Sherr experiments on healthy volunteers to observe which symptoms the remedy causes.

Video: Diarrhea Study

A doctor’s study on homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. Known homeopathic skeptics then attempted to tear it apart.

Homeopathy Research and Distress in Lambs

“Homeopathy is there to be used even alongside antibiotics etc, and as you progress in your ability to use homeopathy then the use of conventional medication does drop.”