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VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids

This extract from the Homeopathy for Children webinar series looks at three important remedies for childhood health issues, behavioural problems, and learning difficulties.

Video: Homeopathy Instead of Herbicides

Giovanni Dinelli is an Italian professor. His research focuses on sustainable agriculture which uses safe homeopathic remedies rather than harmful herbicides and fungicides.

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study

A doctor's study on what happened when homeopathy was used for childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. Skeptics then attempted to tear it apart.

Video: ‘Proving’ Research

"He experiments on healthy volunteers to uncover the symptoms a remedy causes because, based on the principle of 'like cures like', what a remedy causes it can also cure.”

Homeopathy Research and Distress in Lambs

"Homeopathy is there to be used even alongside antibiotics etc, and as you progress in your ability to use homeopathy then the use of conventional medication does drop."

Video: Research Comparing Homeopathy with Conventional Medicine

Studies show that patients treated with homeopathy by their medical doctor do as well or better than those given a conventional medicine.

Dr Stephan Baumgartner – Homeopathic Research Comparison

“... he also says that these real-world effectiveness studies are not taken seriously by other researchers or by public health evaluators, governmental agencies, and so forth.”

Video: Trial Design Challenges in Homeopathic Medical Research

Join this doctor as she discusses trial design, randomized control trials, and the concept of placebo effect in relation to homeopathy.

Video: Solving Health Problems with Homeopathy

A retired doctor tells how with a little knowledge, patience and practice, amazing results are achieved with homeopathy.