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Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say

Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say 9 Here’s a fascinating newsletter from Farm Homeopathy. It’s opening paragraph says:

“Because there is nothing in it and there is no possible explanation for its action it is widely understood that homoeopathy cannot work… This perceived wisdom seems reasonable enough and there is general acceptance of it within science, the media and the opinion makers. Where humans offer their own story to insist that homoeopathy has worked for them their testimony is dismissed as anecdotal and any effect seen as placebo, or at best effective because someone listened to their problems.

“One might be tempted to follow the rationale that the only effect is psychosomatic, but for the fact that those most pragmatic of people, farmers, are using it on their animals and finding that it works. So while the message about this fallacy called homoeopathy has been very widely reported, it would appear that no one has remembered to explain it to the animals. From large commercial robotic dairy herds to smallholders with a few animals, farmers are using remedies they chose for themselves and finding them to be very effective.”

On reading further we have lots of stories from farmers saying things like:

“Lambing is when we use homoeopathy most frequently and to good effect.”

“Using homoeopathy means we can sell our eggs…we want to do it properly.”

“We use homoeopathy in stressful situations and we see the animals recover faster. I use it because it often works better than conventional things.”

This newsletter is well worth checking out. For those in the UK, there is also an upcoming training course that will teach you how to use homeopathy on the farm.

Farm Homeopathy

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