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Simplex Remedies – Pills (G to M)

Price: $16.00AU a vial. Each vial contains approximately 100 pills (1 pill per dose).

Flat rate shipping of $7.20AU to anywhere in the world – no matter how many items or how far (book purchases excluded from this offer).

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Name Abbrev Potency $16.00AU Order
Gambogia Gamb. 30C $16.00AU
Gelsemium Gels. 30C $16.00AU
Giardia lamblia Gard. 30C $16.00AU
Glonoinum Glon. 30C $16.00AU
Graphites Graph. 30C $16.00AU
Grindelia Grin. 30C $16.00AU
Guaiacum officinale Guaj. 30C $16.00AU
Gunpowder Gunp. 30C $16.00AU
Hamamelis (virginiana) Ham. 30C $16.00AU
Helix Tosta Hel. 6C $16.00AU
Helleborus niger Hell. 30C $16.00AU
Hepar sulphuris Hep. 30C $16.00AU
Histaminum Hist. 30C $16.00AU
Humulus lupulus Humul. 30C $16.00AU
Hydrastis canadensis Hydr. 30C $16.00AU
Hyoscyamus Hyos. 30C $16.00AU
Hypericum perforatum Hyper. 30C $16.00AU
HCG HCG. 30C $16.00AU
HCG HCG. 15C $16.00AU
Ignatia Ign. 30C $16.00AU
Ignatia Ign. 200C $16.00AU
Ipecacuanha Ip. 30C $16.00AU
Iris versicolor Iris. 30C $16.00AU
Jaborandi pilocarpus Jab. 30C $16.00AU
Kali bichromicum Kali-bi. 30C $16.00AU
Kali bromatum Kali-br. 30C $16.00AU
Kali carbonicum Kali-c. 30C $16.00AU
Kali carbonicum Kali-c. 200C $16.00AU
Kali iodatum Kali-i. 30C $16.00AU
Kalium muriaticum 6X (tissue salt / celloid) Kali-m 6X $16.00AU
Kali muriaticum Kali-m. 30C $16.00AU
Kalium phosphoricum (tissue salt / celloid) Kali-p 6X $16.00AU
Kali phosphoricum Kali-p. 200C $16.00AU
Kali phosphoricum Kali-p. 30C $16.00AU
Kalium sulphuricum (tissue salt / celloid) Kali-s 6X $16.00AU
Kali sulphuricum Kali-s. 30C $16.00AU
Kreosotum Kreos. 30C $16.00AU
Lachesis Lach. 30C $16.00AU
Ledum palustre Led. 30C $16.00AU
Lobelia inflata Lob. 30C $16.00AU
Lycopodium clavatum Lyc. 30C $16.00AU
Magnesia phosphorica (tissue salt / celloid) Mag-p. 30C $16.00AU
Magnesia phosphorica Mag-p. 30C $16.00AU
Medorrhinum Med. 30C $16.00AU
Mercurius corrosivus Merc-c 30C $16.00AU
Mercurius solubilis Merc. 30C $16.00AU
Mezereum Mez. 30C $16.00AU
Millefolium Mill. 30C $16.00AU
Mixed pollens M.Poll. 30C $16.00AU
Moschus Mosch. 30C $16.00AU








Price: $16.00AU a vial. Each vial contains approximately 100 pills (1 pill per dose).

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