Homeopathy Plus! Free Phone Help

What is the Phone Help Service and What Does It Offer? The Homeopathy Plus! Phone Help Service assists you with puzzling or specific questions about homeopathy. The consultants at this …

Offer 2: 20% Off 6 Different Sleep Complexes

Until midnight, Monday 6th April, 2020 (UTC/GMT -8 hours), the Complexes from our Sleep Collection are discounted by 20%. Normally $28.50 a bottle, each Complex is now just $22.80 (save …

Know Your Remedies: Allium Cepa (All-c.)

Prepared from the red onion, this remedy is often needed for colds, hay fever, and phantom pain following amputation. Interestingly, those needing Allium cepa often crave onions.

Bach Flowers Explained

The answer is yes and no. Learn the what, when, and why of Bach flower remedies – how they’re similar to homeopathy, and their areas of difference.

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 11

We were asked if homeopathy could help clear parasites in biodynamic and organically-raised fish. Here’s Kaviraj’s answer.

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