Hayfever Complex



Contains remedies commonly used to reduce the symptoms associated with Hay Fever such as itchy eyes, nose or mouth, watering eyes or nose, sneezing and swelling.


Shake the bottle. Place approximately 5 drops in the mouth. Dose every ½ hour until symptoms have reduced, then dose only as needed (maximum of 12 doses a day). If no change at all by 4 doses, stop and contact your practitioner for assistance.

Contains homeopathics

Equal amounts of 6C Allium cepa; Arsenicum album; Euphrasia; Natrum muriaticum; Nux vomica; Pulsatilla pratensis; Sabadilla officinarum in a water-ethanol-sucrose solution. Each bottle contains 120 doses. Store away from sunlight and below 40C. Each bottle contains 120 doses. Expiry 10/2020.

Additional information

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Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm