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Potassium Sulphate (Kali sulph)




Dry scaly skin, dandruff, skin eruptions, inflammations with yellow discharges, shifting pains

Component of: Skin, muscles.

Traditional indications: Third (chronic) stage of inflammations. Yellowish or greenish discharge from any mucous membrane or skin surface. Yellow, slimy tongue. Yellow scaling of skin. Psoriasis. Athlete’s foot (tinea). Brittle nails. Chilliness, hot flushes, and shifting pains in the limbs.

Better for: Dry and stable weather; cool, fresh, open air.

Often worse for:Hot drinks; late afternoon air.

Care and Dosage Instructions

The tissue salts are dispensed in a 30ml bottle, that holds roughly 120 doses.

Five drops per dose for adults, children, and infants. For acute conditions, take a dose every ½ hour (up to 6 doses a day) until symptoms subside. If a maintenance dose is needed, take a dose 4 times a day.

Keep your Tissue Salt bottle away from sunlight. Do not store bottles near mobile (cell) phones or microwave ovens as their emissions may affect the potency of the remedy.