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Nat-sulph 6X (sodium sulphate 6X)




Excessive dryness or oedema of tissues, runny nose, loss of smell or taste, sadness

Component of: All body fluids and tissues.

Traditional indications: Disorders of fluid metabolism – excessive fluid or dryness anywhere in the body. Examples: oedema, salivation, colds with clear discharge and sneezing; craving for salty foods; dry skin; headache with constipation. Also: loss of taste and smell; sadness or depression.

Often better for: Open air, fresh air, tight clothing; lying on right side.

Often worse for: Hot rooms; heat; noise; lying down; talking.

Care and Dosage Instructions

The tissue salts are dispensed in a 30ml bottle, that holds roughly 120 doses.

Five drops per dose for adults, children, and infants. For acute conditions, take a dose every ½ hour (up to 6 doses a day) until symptoms subside. If a maintenance dose is needed, take a dose 4 times a day.

Keep your Tissue Salt bottle away from sunlight. Do not store bottles near mobile (cell) phones or microwave ovens as their emissions may affect the potency of the remedy.