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X-Ray Exposure Complex




Description: The X-Ray Exposure Complex contains the potentised version of x-ray radiation which was shown to prevent or reduce chromosomal damage during x-ray exposure in mouse studies (1)(2).

Contains: Homeopathic X-ray for pre and post x-ray exposure, in an 89% water, 10% ethanol, 1% sucrose solution: Contains homeopathic X-Ray for pre and post x-ray radiation exposure, in an 89% water, 10% ethanol, 1% sucrose solution (30C potency).

Instructions (all ages): Place 5 drops into mouth. Dose prior (as close as possible) to x-ray exposure. Re-dose every 2 hours following exposure for 3 doses then once a day for 2 days.

Store: Below 40C away from sunlight, digital and electrical appliances.

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