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Simplexes (Single Remedies) A

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Simplex (single) remedies are $16.00 per pill vial (100 doses), and $18 per liquid remedy (120 doses).

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Name Abbrev Potency Pill/Liquid Quantity
Abies nigra Abies.

Abrotanum Abrot.

Aceticum acidum Acet-ac.

Acidum nitricum Nit-ac.

Acidum muriaticum Mur-ac.

Aconitum napellus Acon.

Actea spicata Actea.

Adamas Adam.

Aesculus hippocastanum Aesc.

Aethusa cynapum Aeth.

Agalactiae Agal.

Ammonium muriaticum Amm-m.

Agaricus muscarius Agnus.

Agraphis nutans Agraph.

Ailanthus glandulosa Ail.

Allium cepa Allium.

Aloe socotrina Aloe.

Aloe vera Aloe.

Alpha lipoic acid Alpha.

Alumina Alum.

Amalgum Amalg.

Ambra grisea Ambra.

Ammonium causticum Am-caust.

Ammonium carbonicum Amm-c.

Ammonium muriaticum Amm-m.

Anacardium orientale Anac.

Anas barbariae Anas.

Amyl nitrosum Am.

Angustura vera Ang.

Anhalonium Anh.

Antipyrinum Agnus.

Antimonium crudum Ant-c.

Antimonium tartaricum Ant-t.

Apis mellifica Apis.

Apocynum cannabinum Apis.

Aranea diadema Aran.

Arbutus andrachne Arb.

Argentum metallicum Arg.

Argon Arg.

Argentum nitricum Arg.

Aristolochia clematis Arist.

Arnica montana Arn.

Arsenicum album Ars.

Arsenicum bromatum Ars-b.

Arsenicum iodatum Ars.

Athyrium filix femina Athyr-f-f.

Arum triphyllum Arum.

Arundo mauritanica Arund.

Asafoetida Asaf.

Asb Asb.

Aspartame Asp.

Aurum metallicum Aur.

Aurum arsenicosum Aur.

Avena sativa Aven.

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