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Simplexes B

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Simplex (single) remedies are $16.00 per pill vial (100 doses), and $18 per liquid remedy (120 doses).

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Name Abbrev Potency Pill/Liquid Quantity
Badiaga Bad.

Bacillinum Bac.

Bambusa arundinacea Bamb.

Baptisia tinctoria Bapt.

Baryta carbonicum Bar-c.

Baryta muriatica Bac.

Belladonna Bell.

Bellis perennis Bell-p.

Benzoic acid Benz.

Berberis vulgaris Berb.

Bismuth metallicum Bism.

Blatta orientalis Blat.

Blatta americana Blat.

Borax veneta Bor.

Boron Bor.

Bothrops lanceolatus Both.

Bombyx processionea Bom.

Bovista lycoperdon Bov.

Brucella Bor.

Bromium Brom.

Bryonia alba Bry.

Bacillus welchi Bac.

Bacillus thuringiensis Bry.

Bacillus 7 Bac.

Bacillus 10 Bac.

Bufo rana Bufo.

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