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Simplexes C

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Simplex (single) remedies are $16.00 per pill vial (100 doses), and $18 per liquid remedy (120 doses).

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Name Abbrev Potency Pills/Liquid Quantity
Cactus grandiflorus Cact.

Cadmium iodatum Cadm-i.

Cadmium metallicum Cadm-m.

Cadmium sulphuratum Cadm-s.

Caladium Cal.

Calcarea carbonica Calc-c.

Calcarea fluorica Calc-f.

Calcarea arsenicosum Calc-a.

Calcarea sulphuricum Calc-s

Calcium oxalate Calc-ox.

Calculus renalis phos Calc-ren.

Calcarea phosphorica Calc-ph.

Calendula officinalis Calend.

Calici virus Cal-v.

Camphora officinalis Camph.

Camphylobacter Camphyl.

Candida albica Cand.

Cantharis vesicatoria Canth-v.

Capsicum annum Caps.

Carbo animalis Carbo-an.

Carbo vegetabilis Carbo-veg.

Carduus marianus Card.

Carcinosinum Carc.

Carbo sulphuricum Carbo-sulph.

Carbolicum acidum Carbo-ac.

Castor equi Cast.

Caulophyllum thalictroides Caul.

Causticum Caust.

Ceanothus americanus Cean.

Cereals Cer.

Chininum Arsenicum Chin.

Chalcancite Chal.

Chamomilla Cham.

Chelidonium majus Chel.

Chenopodium anthelminticum Chen.

Chionanthus Chio.

Cholesterinum Cholest.

Chimaphila umbellata Chim.

Chlamydia Chlam.

China officinalis China.

Chlorum Chlor.

Chocolate Choc.

Cicuta virosa Cic.

Cimex lectularius Cimi.

Cimicifuga racemosa Cimi.

Cina maratima Cina.

Cinnabaris Cinn.

Citricum acidum Cit.

Clematis erecta Clem.

Cobalt metallicum Cob.

Coca Coca.

Camphora officinalis Camph.

Coccinella sectumpunctata Cocc.

Coccus cacti Coc-c.

Cocculus indica Chrys.

Codeinum Cod.

Coffea cruda Coff.

Colchicum autumnale Colch.

Collinsonia canadensis Coll.

Colocynthis Coloc.

Conium maculatum Con.

Coriandrum sativum Coll.

Corallium rubrum Coral.

Cortisonum Cort.

Crocus sativa Croc.

Crotalus horridus Crot-h.

Croton tiglium Crot-t.

Cuprum metallicum Cupr.

Cuprum sulphuricum Cupr.

Cyclamen Cyc.

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