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Simplexes L

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Simplex (single) remedies are $16.00 per pill vial (100 doses), and $18 per liquid remedy (120 doses).

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Name Abbrev Potency Pills/Liquid Quantity
Lac asinum Lac-as.

Lac caninum Lac-can.

Lac equinum Lac-eq.

Lac felinum Lac-fel.

Lac maternum Lac-mat.

Latrodectus hasseltii Latr.

Latrodectus mactans Latr.

Lac humanum Lac-h.

Lac lupinum Lac-l.

Lac vaccinum defloratum Lac-d.

Lachesis muta Lach.

Lachnanthes tinctoria Lachn.

Lacticum acidum Lac-ac.

Lapis albus Lap.

Lampona cylindrata Lap.

Lapis calcarea Burren Lap.

Lathyrus sativus Lath.

Laurocerasus Laur.

Ledum palustre Led.

Lillium tigrinum Lill.

Lithium carbonicum Lith.

Lobelia inflata Lob.

Lycopodium clavatum Lyc.

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