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Simplexes S

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Simplex (single) remedies are $16.00 per pill vial (100 doses), and $18 per liquid remedy (120 doses).

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Name Abbrev Potency Pills/Liquid Quantity
Sabadilla Sab.
Sabal serrulata Sabal.
Sabina Sabin.
Saccharum album Sacch.
Saccharum officinale Sacch-o.
Salvia officinalis Sal.
Sambucus nigra Samb.
Sanguinaria canadensis Sang.
Sanicula aqua Sani.
Sanicula aqua Sani.
Santoninum Sant.
Sarsparilla officinalis Sars.
Satureia hortensis Sat.
Sambucus nigra Samb.
Scarlatinum Scar.
Scirrhinum Scir.
Scutellaria laterifolia Scut.
Secale cornutum Sec.
Secretinum Secr.
Selenium metallicum Sel.
Senega Sen.
Senecio aureus Sen.
Sepia officinalis Sep.
Silicea terra Sil.
Solanum malacoxylon Sol.
Spigelia anthelmia Spig.
Spongia tosta Spong.
Squilla maritima Squil.
Stannum metallicum Symph.
Staphisagria Staph.
Stellaria media Stell.
Sticta pulmonaria Stic.
Stramonium Stram.
Strychninum nitricum Stry-n.
Strophanthus hispidis Stroph.
Sulphur Sulph.
Sulphur iodatum Sulph.
Sulphuricum acidum Sulph.
Symphytum officinale Symph.
Syzygium jambolanum Syz.

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